Why water dries your skin? Water treatment systems. Showerhead filter

Have you ever noticed that your skin feels dry and tight after you shower? It's the water: the harsher it is, the more it dries your skin, even though it's supposed to moisturize. How can this contradiction be explained?

Everyone knows that the quality of tap water is quite tightly regulated. Water treatment systems are configured to:

  • removal of insoluble contaminants from water - sand, rust, etc.;
  • clarification;
  • softening - precipitation or removal of calcium salts, magnesium, iron, etc;
  • desalting;
  • removal of dissolved gases and oxides of iron, manganese and copper;
  • biological purification from microorganisms.

Therefore, from the point of view of physical health, tap water can do no harm.

Effects of tap water on skin. Using tap filters

Clearly, it is impossible to refuse water. After all, even a normal wash without cleansers helps remove about 30-35% of impurities from the surface of the skin. It is just necessary to take into account that it is very important:

  • chemical composition of water;
  • temperature.

Tap filters will help get rid of chemicals. These two factors are especially important for people with sensitive and reactive skin. Problems can be avoided by following our advice.

  • Wash your face with water at room temperature, your skin doesn't like too warm (let alone hot).
  • Chlorinated tap water is not good for you, use mineral water or bottled water to cleanse your skin.
  • Choose gentle cleansers that don't dry out your skin.
  • After washing, be sure to use a toner and moisturizer to restore the pH balance and maintain moisture balance.

As we have already realized, facial skin is very sensitive to water and its quality. But what about the rest of the skin?

Best shower filter for skin and hair

The skin on the body reacts to water quality, too. That's why it's worth thinking about the quality of water in your shower and bathtub. If after a shower or bath you experience unpleasant cleansing, your skin becomes dry and needs extra care, do not rush to buy special creams and lotions!  First of all, you should pay attention to the quality of water. Best shower filter for skin and hair - your solution to this problem.


On today's market there are a huge number of water filters:

- pitcher filters;

- tap filter nozzles;

- shower filters;

- whole home water treatment system and so on.

Each type of water filter is necessary and well thought out to the last detail.

The most versatile, but also the most expensive, is the whole home water treatment system. And for solving the problem with dry skin, an inexpensive but very effective showerhead filter will do the trick.

Universal shower filter


The showerhead filter has a compact size and differs in its "specialization". There are showerhead filter, which cleanse the water from only one particular pollutant (chlorine filter for shower), and there are universal shower filters. Universal shower filter usually have several levels of purification, they provide :

- purification of water from harmful components;

- soften water;

- saturate the water with oxygen;

- enrich water with vitamins.

Showerhead filter - an inexpensive but so useful thing in every shower!

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