Why regular tap water is dangerous to your health

No one thinks about the fact that every time we go to the bathroom, we pour microscopic particles of various metals over ourselves. And certainly no one thinks about the health consequences of all this. It's time to find out what risks we face on a daily basis so we can take action and keep our family members safe.


There are still no guidelines for arsenic in water, and yet its effects on health are incredibly dangerous. It is associated with chronic liver and kidney diseases, and even malignant tumors.


This heavy metal is on a par with the above. Studies have proved that it has a toxic effect on the human body.


A lot is known about the harm of lead to health, but, nevertheless, its quantity in tap water remains high. Old pipes and plumbing systems contain lead, which clogs and poisons water. This metal causes serious damage to the nervous and cardiovascular systems, causes autoimmune diseases of the kidneys, and destroys joints.

Showerhead filters to reduse water polution


To avoid all these risks is quite simple - you need to trust modern sanitary ware. The latest showerhead filters are easy to install and very effective. Thanks to the installation of showerhead filters, the tap water that each family member uses for bathing becomes free of heavy metals and other harmful impurities. AquaHomeGroup showerheads also enrich the water with vitamins C,A and E making every shower a pleasure and care for the skin and hair.

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