Why do we need shower head filters?

Before it enters our homes, tap water undergoes special treatment. Nevertheless, its quality leaves much to be desired, because it contains a large amount of chlorine and other harmful impurities.

How to get clean drinking water, probably everyone already knows: just install at home a suitable purification system (such as flow-through or reverse osmosis). But what about water that is used for hygiene procedures? Many ordinary people still use chlorinated water, suffering from various skin irritations, and do not know about the existence of special shower head filters.


What are the benefits of using shower head filters?

The main purpose of shower head filters - to clean the liquid from mechanical inclusions, chlorine and its compounds, heavy metals, rust.


As a result af installing of shower head filters, the water quality will improve significantly, and this will have a positive impact on your appearance: redness and dryness will disappear from the skin, hair will gain luster and strength. Concerning health, the negative influence of chlorine on mucous membranes will stop, respiratory system will be suppressed, manifestations of allergic character will disappear.

It is important that the filtered shower head provide an opportunity to save money on detergents. If the water is clean and does not contain chlorine, it gives more foam shampoo and soap, that is, detergents will need less.

Shower head filters also provide aesthetic benefits: they free the water from various noticeable impurities (rust, sand) and from unpleasant odors. All this leads to the fact that taking hygienic procedures becomes much more pleasant.

It is enough to buy an inexpensive shower head filters to be convinced of its great usefulness. To buy this device does not require such a serious expense, as, for example, a water-softening station, so it makes sense to make an experiment.

What are the shower filters

There are different types of shower filters (not only shower head filters), but the most common are:


The shower head filters, made in the form of a showerhead, is screwed to the hose instead of the usual shower head. It contains a cartridge of silica sand, chlorgon, KDF material. In addition, the shower head filters are equipped with ADR device, which gives the water useful properties. This nozzle is light and easy to use.

Cylindrical filter consists of a plastic or metal housing, inside which is located a multistage cleaning cartridge. Special inserts installed at the outlet and inlet to the cartridge detains mechanical impurities and KDF material removes chlorine from the water and its derivatives, heavy metals and other impurities. Such filter has a weight of about 500 g and can be installed between the faucet and the hose or between the hose and the watering can.

Who will need shower head filters

Shower head filters are needed for people who have sensitive skin, which is red and itchy after washing. They will be needed and those who are prone to allergies and can not breathe fully during water procedures.

The shower head filters will be a good buy, and if there are small children in the house. After all, chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities present in the water are not safe for children's bodies.

Shower head filters will be necessary for everyone who wants to bathe in clean water!

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