Why do I need to change the shower cartridges in time?

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine comfortable living without a home filter, but the one-time purchase of a shower filter to get clean water forever will not work. It's all in the replacement elements - cartridges, which have an operating time. In this article we will tell you: how often and why it is important to change the cartridges for shower filters in time.

Let's take the example of the most effective and popular water purification system for the shower - shower filters.

Shower cartridge life


Here, there are many pitfalls. A big misconception is to consider the cartridge manufacturer's specified real life. Often the resource of a set of cartridges is written by the cartridge with the maximum resource. There are even more cunning manufacturers, they test the cartridges in a fairly clean water and calculate a huge resource, which in practice, of course, can not be obtained.

Cartridge life depends on the water pressure at the inlet to the filter.


Bottom row cartridges


They are designed for pre-treatment of water before the membrane from:

  • mechanical particles that clog the surface of the membrane element;
  • chlorine - hazardous for polyamide which is used as a material for the membrane fabric;
  • organics - forms a slime between the sheets of the membrane element, which prevents the passage of water through it and can increase water consumption by 50-60%.

Accordingly, improved sets of cartridges with two charcoal, better suited for urban plumbing and save the most expensive element - the membrane.




This is the main filter element, lasts 6 months. Since the principle of the membrane is self-cleaning, the membrane can retain hardness salts afterwards, but will drain much more water and show worse salt values (TDS meter reading) until the water flow stops altogether.


Recommended replacement frequency of the shower cartridges

  • for jug filters - once in 1-2 months;
  • for a shower filter - once every 3-6 months;
  • filter membrane - once every 6 months;

Usually, the appearance of the cartridge, which has exhausted its life, to put it mildly, striking. It is important to know and remember that any cartridge has a limit capacity, after exhausting which it begins to give the accumulated contaminants to the consumer.

As a result, the timely replacement of shower cartridges provides normal operation of the filter with good water quality for the health of the consumer, without unscheduled maintenance.

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