What water filter to choose for the apartment and home?

Ten years ago, the choice of water filters was small, there were only three types that could function of purifying water. Now users are faced with a difficult choice, which water filter to choose.

There have appeared systems that help completely remove trace elements that pile up the water: salt, pollution bacteria.


Which water purifier is right for your home

To understand what is the best water filter, and whether it is suitable for a particular apartment, you need to consider some nuances.

How good the quality of tap water is. A filter will be needed if there are problems such as:

  • metallic taste;
  • on pots and kettles remains a strong scum;
  • water foams when washing dishes;
  • silverware has stains on it;
  • unpleasant and extraneous odors;
  • brown sediment.


Also consider the total consumption of drinking water in the family. A family of 3 people on average needs 10 liters. On which water filter to choose affects where and how the location of the device.


Water pre-filters


Water pre-filter is installed in homes to rid the water of impurities of the solid type, which not only affect the taste, but also affect the dishes, equipment. When choosing a technique to take into account the amount of water consumption in general.


Dirt filters


Dirt separators are installed so that regular mechanical cleaning is performed. The filter has a fine mesh, which does not pass dirt and other residues. Can withstand  such a device up to 150 ° C. The only disadvantage can be considered the frequent passage of iron and chlorine.


Water Jug


One of the most private options for purification systems. Has the following characteristics:


  • quality purification: detention of dirt and sand. But heavy metals with chlorine can skip if their content is too high;
  • produces 1 liter of clean water in less than 8 minutes The cartridges must be changed after using 200 liters of water;
  • can be placed anywhere in the kitchen due to its small size.

Note that the cartridge should not be left dry for long periods of time. Otherwise, the taste of the liquid will change.


  • cleans dirt and impurities and reduces the presence of chlorine;
  • comfortable and suitable for any room;
  • economical in price.



  • medium-level cleaning;
  • cartridge wears out quickly.


It is recommended to buy a water jug if the water quality is average. Suitable for use by a small family.


Faucet Water Purifiers


This is a small-sized device that is easy to put on and take off on the faucet. The thing is quite handy and suitable for travel.


  • medium cleaning level;
  • produces up to a liter of water in a minute;
  • places only on the faucet.



  • compactness;
  • easy to use;




  • doesn't clean well enough;
  • it clogs up quickly.


Filter with a nozzle - this is an alternative to the pitcher, which is purchased by families with 1-2 people.


Water Dispensers


A water dispensers is an auxiliary device used to perform water purification. It will not be a hassle to use as it does not need an additional connection to the water supply. The filter helps to retain flavors and eliminate unnecessary aromas. Thanks to replaceable cartridges, you can soften the water and stop heavy metals from coming in.


Flow-through faucet filters


This type of water purifier is not put on the faucet, but is installed next to it. Ties the installation to the faucet a long hose in a minute you get 1.5 liters of clean water. And separate reservoirs for storing fluids are not needed.


 But there are some disadvantages: you need extra space to install the cleaning device. And also the filter must be turned on and off.


Flow-through water filters under the sink

These types of water purification devices have the following description:

  • high level of purification;
  • average capacity of water is 2 liters per minute;
  • recommended placement - under the countertop.




  • qualitatively performs cleaning;
  • the optimum price/quality;
  • sufficient productivity speed.




  • installs the device by a master;
  • the device is expensive;
  • consumables (filters, membrane);
  • will require space under the sink for installation.

It is recommended to choose a flow-through filter if there is enough space.


Water Softeners

Water will be softened after reducing the salt, chloride and sulfate composition. In order to soften the water, a replacement filter with a cation-exchange resin that adsorbs salt will be suitable. And the water itself will be saturated with hydrogen and sodium.

But this purifier has disadvantages: it does not get rid of bacteria with metals. The main purpose of the water softener is to protect heating devices from scaling.


Home reverse osmosis systems


The osmosis filter has its own advantages:

  • high purification level;
  • affordable price;
  • a constant supply of water in the amount of 10 liters.


Completion appears as follows:

  • pre-cleaning water cartridges;
  • reverse osmosis membrane;
  • post-cleaning filtration.


This type of filters is one of the best and most convenient to use. It removes not only contaminants and heavy metals with salt, but also bacterial excesses.


Strainer filters

Mainline cleaning filters are famous for their long working life. If properly cared for, the fixture can be used for decades.

General characteristics:

  • complex removal of bacteria with technical impurities is performed, due to which the taste of the liquid becomes better;
  • the integrity of the pipes and dishes is preserved and the service life is extended;
  • the replacement of components is made independently, so the device is easy to use;
  • loyal cost of a replaceable cartridge.


The negative factor is the installation procedure. It is recommended to contact a specialist for the basic installation of the filter.




Postfilter is necessary to get rid of unpleasant odors and to increase the taste of water. The active ingredient is activated carbon.

Such systems have special filters that maintain the natural mineralogical composition of the liquid. Such water filters will be needed to improve the quality of the liquid after it passes through the membrane.

All of the above water filters are used for both tap water and well water. To purify water in their homes, cottages, townhouses with three or more water points should use filters of complex water purification. Since it is cheaper and more expedient to install one installation in the boiler room than to collect system on each bathroom.


Integrated water purification filters

Complex treatment differs from the functions of the above filters by additional softening, which helps in case of excessive concentrations of impurities and bacteria. If

water consumption is in moderate quantities, the installation of a single device is sufficient. Filters that are able to purify comprehensively have this characteristic:


  • dependence of the quality of purification on the level of heavy residues in the water;
  • the salt and water used for regeneration is 50% more economical than other types of filters;
  • thanks to a unique multifunctional control valve, the automatic operation of the filter and frequency of regeneration is determined by the level of water consumption;
  • lower capital and operating costs. Only one filter needs to be installed;
  • quality of the material from which the filter is made;
  • the filter installation will last more than 10 years with proper maintenance.


This type of purification devices is used in the domestic sphere. It is a powerful enough device that eliminates the salt content in the liquid, iron, manganese, ammonium and organic compounds.

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