What kind of water filter is suitable for a large family. Reverse osmosis water system.

Reverse osmosis water system – filter for a large family!

Water filters have become a necessity in both private homes and metropolitan apartments. The liquid fed through the central system contains chlorine residues, salts of heavy metals, which makes it unfit for drinking and harmful for household appliances. There are several types of water purification systems:


  • Pot filters. They look like kettles, the water goes through a filter into another compartment and is purified. Suitable for medium quality liquids. Volumes of about 3-5 liters.
  • Flow-through, or main, is installed on the supply pipe. This is a 2-in-1 filter: it prepares the technical liquid for the washing machine and also purifies it enough for consumption. The average flow rate is 1.5-2.5 liters per minute.
  • Reverse osmosis filters are installed both under the sink and on the main pipe. This is a special system with many stages of purification, one of the best today.


Reverse osmosis water system - the best choice for a large family


The operation of the device is based on the passage of liquid through membranes with ultra small pores in the form of saturated solutions. As it passes through the barrier, all particles except water molecules are trapped in it. Thus, at the output water is as clean as possible from impurities. Reverse osmosis filter completely gets rid of odor, which is unavailable to other types of filters.

Reverse osmosis contains the following water purification cartridges


  • Pre-purification - removing particles down to 1 micron.
  • Basic - membranes with 0, 00001 micron pores that trap bacteria and viruses, leaving only water molecules and oxygen.
  • Liquid post-treatment.


Working pressure of 6 to 12 atmospheres. Important: If the pressure is low, the quality of cleaning and the speed of the filter deteriorates. If the pressure in the house is low or reduced, then to operate the device buy a special pump.


Reverse osmosis water system comes with a mineralizer, carbon cartridge, ultraviolet irradiation. The main quality for drinking water is its saturation with useful ions and salts. After the basic purification they are absent, so the special filter saturates the liquid with ions of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, necessary for the person.

Reverse osmosis water system


The carbon cartridge in the reverse osmosis system improves the smell and taste of the liquid and makes it softer. Such water does not need to be boiled and is suitable for appliances, because their parts will not be scaled. Ultraviolet radiation additionally disinfects water from bacteria and viruses. Advantages of reverse osmosis:


  1. economical;
  2. suitable for installation in the kitchen, bathroom;
  3. high capacity, so it can provide drinking and technical water for a large family;
  4. The output water has a taste, odor and mineral composition.


Without a mineralizer is not suitable for drinking: it has no valuable substances for the body.


Nowadays, reverse osmosis water filters are not uncommon and for this reason you can easily find a specialist who can install this system for you. Just cartridges for reverse osmosis because of the popularity of that pretty much not expensive and they can be purchased easily online or in specialty stores with water filters. Also there are different variants of reverse osmosis systems with different add-ons.


There are also disadvantages: not suitable for homes with low head, consumables are not cheap. Also, they need to be replaced regularly, as they get dirty quickly, especially at low pressure. The most non-budget cartridges - mineralizers.


If a large family has a need for technical and drinking water of high quality, it is better for them to choose a reverse osmosis system. It is installed in the kitchen or main pipe, under the right pressure has a high capacity. And if you need a shower filter, you can buy it on our website in the section (Catalog - All Products) and in the blog you can read why you need shower filters.

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