What is the danger of rusty water? Filters for rusty water.

Orange stream, carelessly flowing from the faucet after the summer repair, perhaps, everyone has seen. But does everyone think about the dangers of rusty water and how, in general, it appears in our homes?

 Of course, the appearance of rust in the water affects not only the service life of household appliances (washing machines and dishwashers), human appearance, nails, hair and skin, but also the condition of the internal organs and systems, which is most threatening in itself.

 Where does rusty water come from?

It is important to note that the cause of rust can be determined only after a professional diagnosis of the water provided to the laboratory. Definitely draw conclusions about the fault of the city's water treatment system, as well as pipes covered with rust by no means possible. Most likely the water source, from which utilities take water for the needs of the settlement, is to blame. As a rule, they have a high content of divalent iron, which oxidized while delivering water to the consumer. But the presence of bacteria that oxidize iron to higher valence oxides in the network is not excluded.

What are the dangers of rusty water for the body and equipment?

If you remember biology, chemistry and biochemistry, we can conclude - when ingested rusty water is dangerous only for certain categories of citizens and children. For the vast majority, such an indiscretion threatens a characteristic taste in the mouth and intestinal disorders. Although we can not exclude the accumulation of iron compounds inside, which would entail the development of hormonal disorders, deterioration of teeth, skin and hair loss. In some cases, sensitization and further allergic reactions are possible.


 As mentioned above - rust can appear as a result of the activity of microorganisms that can cause damage not only to the pipes, but also to humans. The increased content of oxidized iron will sooner or later lead to clogging of water pipes, reducing their inner diameter, and then a decrease in performance. Sometimes the clogging becomes the cause of accidents and ruptures. Cleaning in such cases is practically useless, the problem is "cured" by complete replacement of the unusable section.

 Even more misfortune brings such water to household appliances, sanitary ware, dishes and polished surfaces. It appears in the form of brown stains, as well as deposits on heating elements. Washing heat exchangers and thorough cleaning with classical means do not bring tangible effect, it is much more effective to use filters, detaining compounds of iron.


What filters for rusty water should I buy?

First of all, if the impurities are significant, you should take care of a coarse filter. Because without it, other cleaning systems will be ineffective and will not last the declared resource. One such installation for each type of pipe (hot/cold) is enough for up to 30 years.


The best way to forget about the dangers of rusty water are complexes with ion-exchange resins or reverse osmosis.


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