What are the filters for the shower?

In connection with the fact that everyone is using shower filters today, probably everyone at least once, but stood the question: what is the best shower filter? After all, everyone wants to filter and water purifier is good, and the purification rate was high so that he served long and did not cost much, and to the same place did not take a lot and was easy to use. You should agree that there are a lot of criteria. And yet you have to make a choice in any case. Let's try to decide which filter is the best.



Let's start with charcoal shower filters. They are the simplest, and at the same time very effective. The charcoal is able to absorb all the harmful impurities that are in the water, and even microscopic parasites. Such a filter can last from 6 to 9 months. You can extend this period if you additionally install a pre-filter that will perform a coarse cleaning. Over time, the quality of water purification declines, so the main thing in such filters - their regular replacement, and then do not have to worry about the quality of water.

Ultraviolet Unit. It irradiates water with ultraviolet rays, thereby reliably and safely disinfects it. Costs such a unit is not too expensive, it is easy to use and can last a long time.

Filters with reverse osmosis system. Very effectively purify water, but the process is quite slow, which for some is a big disadvantage.



Multistage shower filters. They are very simple and easy to use, perfectly purify water and fit any hose, as they have the optimal nozzle. Such a filter is small in size and easy to take with you. It connects to the hose when clean water is needed, after that it can be removed and put away until the next use.




Cartridge filters. Such filters are installed on the hose and provide instant and very high quality water purification. Due to the high speed of filtration, they do not need a tank for its accumulation.



Ultrafiltration shower filter. This is one of the latest technologies, which allows you to disinfect and clarify water at the same time. Throughout the life of the filter, the quality of purification is not reduced. Filters are used for a long time, and they are very economical in financial terms.

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