Antibacterial water filter | Vitamin C shower filter

Antibacterial water filter

The main indicator of water safety is the absence of causative agents of serious infectious diseases and other unfriendly microorganisms in it. Tap water should not be trusted in this respect, everyone should protect his family. That's why the antibacterial water filter in Los Angeles is very popular.

Antibacterial water filter

AquaHomeGroup showerheads filters guarantee complete water disinfection thanks to a unique antibacterial filter. It is a small round container filled with small ceramic balls through which the water flows.

During the production process, these balls are covered with a special natural material at high temperature, after which they acquire the ability to destroy bacteria.

The ceramic filter is one of the three purification stages that water passes through in AquaHomeGroup shower filtration head. The fabric filter traps all polluting micro-particles, and the unique vitamin c shower filter replacement cartridge, which consists of 55% pure vitamin C, completely removes chlorine.

-Replacement Cartridge

As a result, the water you use to wash your hair and skin is perfectly clean and completely safe. Our filters can be considered the best shower filters for hair and skin.


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