Vitamin Shower in California | Showerhead in California

Vitamin Shower in California

Shower nozzle for cleaning and providing water with useful properties. A high-energy shower restores strength and keeps your skin young.

What do you need a vitamin shower for?

It has the following functions:

  • Efficient at any water pressure
  • Chlorine removal and water softening
  • Enrichment with vitamin C
  • Water ionization
  • Aromatherapy

 Learn more about the functions of the showerhead in California:

Increase in water pressure

The increase in water pressure is achieved with a special finely perforated watering plate. Our shower head has a special perforated watering plate, which strongly but finely atomizes the water while softening it. By increasing the water pressure during the shower, you save water!

Enrichment of the water with anions (Leonard effect)

The Leonard effect means the generation of anion during the separation of electric charges accompanying the aerodynamic disintegration of water droplets. A powerful vitamin shower produces anions with the help of the Leonard effect, which promotes better blood circulation, relieves fatigue, and restores strength during the shower!

Magnetized water

Shower therapy with magnetized water, increase the human biological magnetic field, which helps to restore strength and nourish the skin. Clustered water seeps into each cell better than regular water, it slows down the aging process and visibly rejuvenates the skin!

Antibacterial negative ionic balls

Antibacterial negative-charged ionic balls help sterilize harmful viruses and Escherichia coli group bacteria + absorb all harmful impurities in the water throughout the shower. The balloons also emit soft infrared radiation, which helps to saturate our skin with oxygen.

Vitamin "C" effect

The water is enriched with vitamin C with the help of aroma replacement cartridge filling balls and carries this vitamin directly to the cells of our skin thanks to the powerful pressure of the showerhead. Vitamin "C" has a number of unique properties that significantly improve the skin, increasing its elasticity.

The main feature of the showerhead with Vitamin "C" is that it protects the human skin from radicals, which destroy the cellular system of the body and accelerates the action and work of vitamin "E", which provides slowing down the aging process. It also helps to strengthen blood vessels, increase blood circulation and restore skin elasticity.


The pleasant aroma of the lemon relieves stress and nervous tension during the shower. Aromatherapy has a relaxing effect and helps relieve fatigue accumulated during the day!

High-energy shower

 How many times in your life have you had to bathe in vitamins? And how often have you showered with melted ionized water, softened aromas of flowers and herbs?

Imagine that you found yourself in a virgin forest, on a hot summer day, walking along path, so you want to freshen up and rinse off sweat and sticky dust. And so you find yourself at a small forest river with a waterfall. Above the waterfalls, there are blossoming bushes of wild roses and a garden of fruit trees.

Fruits and petals of roses fall into the water and give their taste, freshness, and aroma to the water, which flowed from a crystal clear spring, uncoupled and formed by melting glaciers near the top. Filled with vitamins, minerals, and high-energy ions, the water flows through shallow waters full of colorful rounded stones, and warms up in the sun and falls into the lake below.

And you stand under these warm, warm melted vitamin water full of fragrances, ions, and minerals. Every drop of this magical water feeds every cell of your body with life-giving moisture and rejuvenates it. The water of the magic waterfall brings a cool bliss, while the rays of the pleasantly warm sun without heating your skin, warming your body inside, filling the cells of your tired body with energy and vigor, along with all the necessary substances for rapid recovery.

How to make a shower with vitamins

Want to get a high-energy shower with vitamin and mineral ionized additives right at home? Or maybe you want to install a wellness shower that will improve your skin and penetrate into your body carrying vital substances? Do you want to be purified, highly vitaminized, mineralized, "melt" clustered water to soak up well in your skin and saturate your skin with beneficial substances, bringing vitality and freshness to your body every day?

You don't even have to change your shower, all you have to do is put a special shower head on your hands to create purified soft ionized water. Add a container near the base (where the shower faucet is located) to enrich the water with vitamins and aromatic additives.

This nozzle can even be used as a summer shower or as a cottage shower. Connect the nozzle to the hose where the showerhead is connected, and it will just as easily filter and saturate with vitamins, make the water melt (finely dispersed, micro-clusterized, such water is instantly absorbed by each skin cell) and charge it with ions, which will transmit a beneficial charge to your skin and "recharge" your body with vigor and freshness.

Deep freshness and vivacity - that's how, in a nutshell, you can describe the effect that ionized water has on your body, constantly taking an ionizing shower with vitamins and aromatic additives, you will bring your body rejuvenating and stunning toning effect.

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