The water from the well is dirty color, what to do?

On the territory of a private house you can drill your own well and drink clean water, which will not be supplied to the house by the old city water pipes. It is a great advantage when you have the opportunity to use a natural source.

But, what to do if after the end of the work, dirty water came out of the well? In this case, it is necessary to determine the cause. For example, you can conduct laboratory tests that will show exactly what mineral makes the drinking water dirty.


AquaHomeGroup water treatment solutions:

What are the dangers of dirty well water?


If dirty, muddy water comes from the well - it means that the liquid is enriched with certain minerals, such as iron, manganese, clay, sand, silt, etc. In some cases, dirty water may have a characteristic taste, and sometimes it has no unpleasant odor at all. The use of such poor quality liquid can lead to negative consequences:

  • Failure of household appliances and well equipment;
  • Deterioration of the health of those who drink dirty water.

To avoid such consequences, it is best to conduct a microbiological and chemical analysis of water immediately after drilling a well, which will help determine what type of equipment and filtering equipment is suitable for purification of dirty water.

If the turbidity is acquired due to sand or silt, then it is necessary to install filters. These units serve as the first step in the operation of the water treatment system. They can be used at both domestic and industrial level. Our filters effectively purify dirty water from impurities, sand, silt, scale and other particles that get into water wells from the ground. With the help of these installations, good flow capacity of water pipes and the absence of stagnant zones that lead to corrosion are ensured. The use of mechanical filters increases the service life of the equipment.

If the water is yellowish or brown in color, excessive amounts of iron and manganese can be the cause. In this case, iron-oxidizing filters can help. To oxidize the iron that comes with dirty well water, either forced aeration is used, or it is passed through a catalyst filler. In the solid insoluble form, iron and manganese are easily filtered.

If the well is at a shallow depth, the water may be of poor quality due to organic impurities and harmful microorganisms. Then disinfection units should be used. Reverse osmosis is also excellent. Carbon filters and reverse osmosis units are designed to disinfect dirty water from a well. They eliminate unpleasant odor and taste of water, increasing its organoleptic properties.


Filters to clean dirty water from a well


If you have dirty water from the well, feel free to contact the employees of the company AquaHomeGroup, and they will help eliminate the problem at the proper level, individually selecting the highest quality filtering equipment.

AquaHomeGroup offers the most modern and efficient filters of high quality. If the water from the well is dirty and you do not know what kind of installation you need to buy, the professionals will help to solve this issue. The manufacturer provides consumers with powerful and reliable filters for water purification from large impurities, metal elements and biological microorganisms.

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