How to choose the best shower filter? Saving shower heads. Universal shower filter

How to choose the best shower filter?

The range of showerhead filters covers such areas of domestic life as cooking, washing dishes, laundry, maintaining order in the bathroom and kitchen, and of course, showering and bathing, bathing children and pets.

Universal shower filter with shower filter cartridge


The AquaHomeGroup universal shower filter for bathroom range includes models with installation under the faucet or above the ceiling showerhead.  The choice can be a model with a filter housing that includes a set of filter cartridges for 15/2-stage water treatment, or models with only a shower filter cartridge, or models with only Vitamin C (chlorine neutralization). The filters are easy to install and do not take up much space.

Hard water shower filter chloramine


Laundry models of hard water shower filter chloramine (with inlet installation when water is connected to the washing machine) - will provide your laundry with dechlorinated and cleaned of many harmful pollutants and impurities, which will save your family from the possibility of skin problems, especially with your young children, as well as extend the life of your washing machine.  

Shower head filter with vitamin C

Shower head filter with vitamin C is easy to install, have a beautiful and stylish design, in addition to the main purpose - to purify water from chlorine - most models have several functions of spraying water, including spraying with water savings up to 50%, as well as the "stop" function on the head itself, which is very convenient to use. 

Water filter for shower with vitamin C


The system of water treatment with water filter for shower with vitamin C is used in the world-famous hotels: MARRIOTT, MGM Grand Las Vegas and others. Hotels specially equipped rooms STAY WELL (Be healthy) for those who care about their health.

The water filter for shower with vitamin C removes up to 99% chlorine and chloramines, and the transparent shower head handle allows you to accurately determine the remaining life of the filter. The Vitamin C cartridge filter has a unique design that can control the amount of vitamin C passing through a small hole in the top of the internal filter unit. 

What is the shower filter replacement cartridge?


The water is saturated with the amount of vitamin C needed to neutralize chlorine. The shower filter replacement cartridge vitamin c and e  is designed to neutralize chlorine at a water temperature not lower than 25⁰С.

The shower filter replacement cartridge is designed and manufactured using vitamin C with 100% natural origin, which is a safe way to dechlorinate tap water. Being a good antioxidant, vitamin C is widely used in cosmetic industry.

Chloramine Shower Head With Filter Vitamin C High Pressure Rain

Chloramine Shower Head With Filter Vitamin C High Pressure Rain is equipped with filters that contain natural antioxidant vitamin C, which effectively neutralizes chlorine, destroys bacteria and vitaminizes water.

Showerheads are gaining popularity all over the world, primarily due to their cleansing and antibacterial properties. AquaHomeGroup innovative products are equipped with special filters and cartridges that contain an antioxidant - vitamin C. This component makes tap water safe, effectively cleansing it from chlorine and other impurities that have a negative impact on skin, hair and health in general.

Neutralization of chlorine is an important step in purifying water intended for daily showers and spa treatments. That's why the developers of Aroma Sense provided products with a microfilter that performs mechanical filtration of tap water. The microfilter is able to retain heavy metals and dirt that accumulates in the pipes, and prevent their negative impact on human health. This filter can be washed and used again.

Water saving shower heads


Water saving showerheads AquaHomeGroup, which are easy to install, depending on the model will save up to 50% of water consumption, and thus the family budget.

Water saving shower heads are designed in such a way that by switching to an economical spray mode, we spend much less water at a constant water head than most other showerheads on the market that spend much more water while spraying.

How to install a best shower filter for well water?


There are two options for placing the inexpensive water filters in this category: above the tabletop and under the tabletop.

The undeniable plus of inexpensive water filters is their compactness, which is important for residents of small apartment buildings, where kitchens cannot boast of their own size, and even the smallest space matters. The transparent housing also allows you to monitor the filter life and when it is time to replace the cartridge.

Shower massage head

Shower massage head  is an ordinary shower head, but thanks to its structure and design - protruding soft teeth - you have the opportunity to enjoy a head massage while taking a shower.

By gently massaging the roots of your hair while washing your hair, a shower with the shower massage head is doubly enjoyable.

Showerheads for pets


The range of pet shower heads is a novelty in the pet products industry.

Pet showers are specially designed for washing pets, promote thorough washing of coats, do not damage the skin. They are convenient for washing around eyes and ears, which makes the washing procedure of your pet a real pleasure.

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