The design of the filtered shower head - main features.

Showering comes to our aid at various moments of our daily life. So, taking a cool refreshing shower in the morning, a good invigorating. And hot - relaxing. Also, if you need to quickly take water hygiene procedures - bathing under the shower is the best solution. That's why you should not neglect choosing to buy a suitable filtered shower head, because it is the main component of the shower system.

Ways of fixing showers (including filtered shower heads) and their variations

 Nowadays in the market of sanitary ware there are many manufacturers competing with each other. Each of them invents something new, more sophisticated in order to amaze us, the consumers. However, there are well-established standards, the so-called standards, from which all are guided.

One of the most important points concerning the shower is how it is attached. At the moment, you can distinguish two options:

Mounted shower head.

We are talking about shower heads, which are initially fixed to the wall or ceiling. The connections, as a rule, are hidden in the wall. This option is the most common in showers and hydroboxes.

AquaHomeGroup offers several variants of filter shower heads in this category:

  1. 20 Stage Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set
  2. Filter Shower Head Set With Vitamin C+E, 15 Stage
  3. High Pressure Shower Head and 15 Stage Filter For Hard Water Vitamin C + E



A shower head with a hose.

The traditional and most familiar version of the shower.

It represents a faucet with a spout for filling the bathtub or without it, as well as with a flexible hose, on the end of which a watering can is screwed on. Such a shower is convenient because, if necessary, the shower head can be taken in the hand and direct a stream of water absolutely anywhere and at any angle, as long as the length of the hose was enough. And also, usually come with special fasteners, so you can also hang the watering can on the wall.

AquaHomeGroup also has a great option in this product category:

Filtered Handheld Shower Head - 20 Stage + Vitamin C +E +A. Not only is it easy to use, but it effectively removes chlorine, fluoride, iron, and other harmful impurities from your water by using a unique combination of 2 filters at once.


It is perfectly suitable for daily use. It is more convenient to use the hand shower head if you have children or pets.

Materials used for making the filter shower heads.


An important factor when choosing to buy something, is the material of manufacture.

So, showerheads are made of several variants:

Plastic showerheads. Light and inexpensive, quite practical and can have a variety of colors. However, they are limited by a relatively short service life.

Metal. Such watering cans are characterized by good durability, quality. Basically, they are covered with chrome or use stainless steel, keeping them as unchanged as possible.

Metal and plastic. Sufficiently high-quality shower heads. Their body is made of metal, and the outer shell is made of plastic. Thus the product is not as heavy, but more durable.

Stone and quartz glass. Expensive and refined watering cans. Distinguished by their design work. These watering cans are mainly found only in expensive homes.

Which materials are the most practical? Metal and plastic. These watering cans are easier than metal, which means that you cannot be afraid to drop it on your foot or something else. And due to their plastic shell - you cannot be afraid to damage the surface of the bath.

Tropical shower as a way to additional relaxation

One of the most popular types of shower heads is a tropical shower. It is made in such a way that it has many jets that disperse the water, thus simulating the effect of a torrential rain. This number of drops has a positive effect on the human body, relieving it both physically and psychologically.

They are installed either in the wall or in the ceiling. The pipes are hidden in the strokes. However, if you do not have the opportunity to do so, you can buy a shower system or rack. This is a whole set with a faucet, a regular showerhead with a rain shower head.

 Choosing a filtered shower head for the bathroom, remember and take into account the above points. You can always buy a filtered shower head in our online store. It is also possible to order with delivery all over the United States.

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