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Summer rain. In the stationary version.

At the dawn of its appearance more than a century ago, the shower head was fixed above the head. The convenience of this arrangement was not in the slightest doubt until half a century later, when a hand shower head appeared, which seriously squeezed the stationary one down to the anachronistic position. Dozens of years passed and the stationary overhead shower head returned to its rightful place.

And we should not attribute everything to the well-known properties of human nature, such as the conservative attraction "to the good old days" although the nostalgia factor certainly played a role here. Modern shower heads, although often similar to their predecessors of the beginning of the century, are nevertheless the product of sanitary engineering progress, as are their super modern design associates in the washing shop.

Why do we need a top watering can?

Such a successful return of the overhead stationary showers is due to a number of quite objective reasons. First of all, the expansion of the bathroom, because in small rooms they simply do not make sense - and a hand shower was enough. The fact is that from the hand shower head located on top, there must be a certain distance to the head of the user, otherwise the person will not be completely covered by the flow of water, namely, for this purpose it is intended. Any upper shower head must form a clear water cone that completely envelops the person underneath it.

Even all the holes in it are drilled at a certain angle to give a very special shape to the water torch together. Next, our increased demands on shower quality should be taken into account. Elementary hygiene is no longer enough for us. A shower should relax, massage, give pleasure.

After all, sometimes the minutes spent under it - the only pleasant for the whole day. In addition, the capacity of the overhead shower head is greater. If the latter spends from 8 to 11 liters per minute, the first - from 9 to 14. However, the essence is not to pour more water, and pour it better, with maximum benefit to the person taking water procedures.

That is why the overhead showerheads are equipped with various "flavours" and hydromassage functions (more on this later). The presence of an overhead shower head does not exclude the presence of a hand shower. Each of them has its own functions and, as a rule, in shower cabins there are both.


Stationary version

More and more often without it, it is impossible to imagine a well-equipped shower cabin and bathroom in general. Therefore, all self-respecting manufacturers of water fittings offer it in their model range. There are two types of installation of the upper shower head: on the wall and on the ceiling. Here everything depends on the shower head holder, which are straight and curved, the latter are usually equipped with a swivel mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of direction of the spray.

Mounting on the wall is cheaper. It is carried out on the installation system recommended for the shower brand. Placing it on the ceiling is slightly more expensive, as the height of the ceiling itself is important. The installation system can be placed behind the false ceiling and can be directly integrated into it. All this leads to a more complex water supply system.

However, insurmountable difficulties are extremely rare. Like all other types of levees, the upper ones are divided into classes (comfort, medium and high), which are determined depending on the consumer properties, the complexity of the lime system, without which their normal operation is impossible. Sometimes the upper leaks are used exclusively for water pouring, including cascade heads with only one cold water inlet. However, well-known manufacturers seek to equip them with additional whirlpool systems.

The steeper the model, the more jets are present. Although the Italians sometimes clearly overdo it. Eight, and sometimes all twelve kinds of jets are hardly necessary for the user. Fiveare enough, but each one has clear functions. Easy and comfortable switching is also very important. The design can range from the laconic simplicity of the comfort class to the high-tech of the luxury class.


 Big plates

Their appearance was originally dictated by the desire of designers and architects to play on the exploitation of a stereotypical image of the soul of the early twentieth century. The first such retro project was proposed by Dornbranch. It was just a resounding success and is in great demand to this day. A huge brass dome showerhead can be mounted on a ceiling, wall or elevated above a bathtub or pallet on a visible solid pipe coming from the faucet with equal success.

By the way, the last variant, which was considered hopelessly outdated just recently, suddenly turned out to be in great demand, as it makes installation much easier, making it possible not to stroke the walls, and is a brilliant technical and design solution for showers and baths of free location, remote from the walls. Naturally, no whirlpool massage is not expected, only a powerful, like a good downpour water flow.

The experience of the pioneers was very successfully repeated, similar models appeared on the market in retro design and from other well-known manufacturers, who offered their embodiment of this nostalgic concept of the shower, including not only in the high price category, but even in economy class! Soon, a slightly different, we can say, revolutionary direction was developed - there appeared watering cans of modern design with increased productivity. The large diameter allows them to cope especially successfully with the main task - to pour the flow of life-giving moisture on the user.

Dishes can also be mounted on the ceiling and the wall, in the latter case, the holder is sometimes provided with a swivel mechanism. They are also not equipped with massage functions, but this does not mean that there are no special effects. Unlike the previous model, which was simply called the Raindanse, it is capable of giving a number of completely new sensations. The upper handpiece does not just create a powerful jet, but produces a completely authentic warm summer rain effect.

Air is sucked into the middle of the giant hand basin and mixed with water inside the body. As a result, the jets, beating from 180 holes, are separated into drops that caress your skin, surrounded by a stream of pearls from all sides. The jet has a diameter of 240 mm and is capable of spewing 22 litres of water per minute.

By the way, mixing air also saves water, which is important for devices that consume it in such quantities. If you still want to get a powerful hydromassage session from above, you can advise something special from GROHE. The overhead Super Shower is a tandem of two shower heads on the same boom (all in a movable connection, with the possibility to change angles), equipped with several types of massage jets.


 As part of the program

While the overhead stationary shower head itself is not yet too common, as part of a coordinated shower program, it has long been firmly established in the sun, entering them on equal terms with the hand shower head and whirlpool jets. Movable and equipped with several types of jets, it proudly crowns the shower panels. In complex models, the overhead shower head is additionally equipped with several types of jets.

And in the latest Aquarius shower cabin model, recently introduced to the market by IDEAL STANDARD, a unique device called Ceklop combines the usual functions of the overhead shower head with chromotherapy. The rainbow jets, painted in different colours, not only give an unforgettable pleasure, but also heal! Another interesting device that JACUZZI likes to equip its cabs with, among other "tricks". It is like a small propeller, which is mounted on the ceiling of the cabin.

Under the pressure of water, the blades twist its flow in a spiral, which has an excellent tonic and uplifting effect. Well, if you want more, it remains to surrender to the power of the waterfall, which is here in the cabin: 170 liters of water per minute, collapsed from almost two meters high from under its ceiling, can resuscitate anyone. Well, a shower can be like this. Literally collapsing from the top!

Shower Filter

Any shower head is very beautiful and functional. But during using it can lose not only its appearance but also its functionality. The reason for this may be that the water is too hard. The shower nozzle is covered with lime scale and the snouts are clogged.

Shower filters can help you avoid this scenario. Shops offer a huge variety of hard water filters. The 15-stage water filter with vitamin C from AquaHomeGroup is very popular among customers. The filter has proven to be a reliable way to purify water from chlorine and other impurities that are in water-conductive water.

It is very easy to install such a filter for showers. Instructions for installing the shower filter.

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