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Shower head - how to choose best shower head for you?

One of the key elements to make the invigorating water procedures as comfortable as possible is the shower head. And the choice of this simple object, which "rules the ball" in the form of a toning shower, should be approached responsibly.

How does a shower head work and what models does the modern market offer? Let's take a closer look at this.

Differences in shower heads

Shower heads are classified according to several characteristics, taking as a basis: the method of installation, the shape of the product, the material of manufacture and the availability of additional functions.

Depending on the type of attachment, there are two types of shower heads:

  • Fixed shower head - they are divided into two subcategories: wall and ceiling. They are used for the arrangement of shower cubicles and boxes, using brackets and special fittings for fixing.
  • Shower head with flexible hose - handheld shower head models are convenient because their location is easy to adjust to yourself. They are mounted on the board of the bathtub using a special plug on the mixer, or on a rod or stand using a special holder.

Fixed shower head

Fixed shower head are mounted on the wall or ceiling using a special holder and connected directly to the common water pipe.


Some of the shower cubicles on sale are equipped with fixed shower heads, which are fixed to the ceiling or in the wall of the hydro box. Recently, shower systems are often found on the market, in which the shower heads are equipped with two options of fixation: manual and ceiling.

Materials for fixed shower heads and handheld shower head

Longevity and cost of devices largely depend on the materials used in fixed shower heads and handheld shower head. The material used to manufacture the shower head may be:

  • plastic - lightweight and quite durable material has good performance parameters, but not too long life;
  • metal - perfectly combines decorative properties and high-performance parameters, is famous for its long service life;
  • metalloplastic - a symbiosis of plastic and metal, in which the body of the product is made of durable plastic, and the inner filling of bronze or brass;
  • stone and quartz glass - the most expensive products "premium-class", famous for its beauty and durability.

High-quality expensive models of shower heads are made of bronze and brass and decorated "for gold". They are reliable and durable.

Cheaper analogs are made of polymers. Models made of chrome plastic are easy to use due to their lightweight. To simplify the maintenance of products and to be able to remove accumulated limescale in time, it is better to initially choose models of shower heads with rubberized micro holes.

Still, if material capacity allows, experts recommend choosing steel and copper shower heads, as they are the most reliable in performing the functions assigned to them.

Variety of shower head options

There are plenty of variants of execution of shower heads. Four types of models are the most popular: overhead shower, tropical rain series, hygienic shower and models with aeration function.


The choice depends on the tasks assigned to this element of sanitary engineering. Although aesthetes are of the opinion that the main thing in such a simple subject is beauty, because it is meant to inspire.

An overhead shower head.

The main advantage of the overhead showers is the free hands of the person taking water procedures.

There are two types of overhead showers:

  • hinged models - mobile models equipped with a flexible hose or rigid pipe, which are fixed to the wall or to the stand;
  • built-in models - fixed version of shower heads, which are fixed to the ceiling with the possibility of height adjustment.

Ceiling models are more often chosen for shower cubicles.

The wall models are available in two versions. In the first version they are connected to a hose, which allows them to be used as "manual" models. In the second case, the installation is fixed to the chrome pipe, which makes it possible to change the angle of inclination and, if necessary, turn the structure to the left and right.

The "tropical rain" shower head.

Today, tropical rain shower heads are the most popular type of shower system. This type of device is equipped with many small shower heads, which create the effect of heavy rain. For this purpose, they are hung directly from the ceiling and the communication lines are hidden in rods.

The working mode and intensity of the "rain" in the range from light drizzle to downpour "wall" can be easily adjusted with the toggle switch lever type.

For example, you can turn on a gentle stream to wash your head and then a harder pressure to massage your body.

Many models are additionally equipped with a mode blend function, which can be used to create an intricate configuration.

Models of aerated showers

This type of lakes is a great option for residents of multi-story buildings. The principle of operation of the devices is quite simple: through the microscopic holes located on the housing water seeps out, which is mixed with oxygen at the moment of passage. The number of such spraying holes can reach more than two and a half hundreds.

The integrated aerator performs several functions at once:

  • partially purifies the water from chlorine and impurities in it;
  • makes the jet smoother and more orderly;
  • saturates the jet with oxygen;
  • helps to save water consumption up to 30%.

The manufacturers assure that the aerated shower heads helps to save up to 10 liters of water in one water procedure.

Among advantages of such type of devices it is necessary to carry also low noise level as at work of the sanitary technician extraneous sounds are not created. Such models are equipped by wall fastening. They can be fixed on racks and bars.

Hygienic shower head.

Hygienic shower heads are a separate category. They are installed and used as a means to maintain cleanliness after use of the toilet.

The device can be installed directly on the equipment itself or on the wall. And it can be connected via a mixer in a bidet or by direct connection to the sink. Special brackets are used to fix it to the wall.

Economical water-saving options

Such models are equipped with a regulator built into the body, which when the pressure in the water supply is changed by means of a valve partially blocks the water supply. In addition to the shut-off valve, the unit can be equipped with an aerator function.

Devices of this type often have three operating modes:

  • The first mode is the maximum one, at which a tight jet is formed.
  • The second is the middle one, which forms a soft water pressure for a leisurely shower.
  • The third is a "blizzard", which gives a minimum water flow.

The water-saving shower head, which comes complete with a watering can, is designed for a water flow range of 6-9 liters. This means that the water consumption per minute will not exceed 9 liters, while the flow rate of a standard hand shower head is on average 15-20 liters per minute.

The more expensive models have a system that is responsible for automatically raising the water pressure when the system pressure drops. By installing a water-saving shower head, two things can be done at once: a steady water flow and huge savings.

Classification of shower heads by type of water supply

If the shower head classification is based on the type of water supply, there are shower heads:

  • Ordinary - they form the usual pressure under which it is pleasant to relax and calm down.
  • They create a soft jet - this effect is achieved by saturation of water streams with air.
  • Eco-jet - knows how to "count water" and therefore is an ideal find for houses with meters.
  • Massages - with increased pressure through the central hole, which activates blood flow, improves metabolism and tones muscles.

Shower heads models with the function of "eco-jet" are equipped with an aerator, which allows you to significantly reduce water consumption.

Particularly popular are the models called "cascade", in which the pulsating jet alternates with the turbojet. On sale, there are models called "Vario-jets" in which it is possible to alternate usual pressure with a soft jet depending on a mode.

The best option is to buy a combined model, which in addition to the normal head provides a mode of massage jets.

A variety of shower head shapes and sizes

Modern shower heads may vary in shape and size. The shape of the shower heads is available in these versions:

  • rectangular and square;
  • triangular;
  • round and oval.

The size of the hand shower head is determined by its area of application. For example, those who like to collapse a "waterfall" choose models "tropical rain", the working area of the spout is about 50 cm2. Connoisseurs of the classics choose standard hand-washers, whose diameter does not exceed 6-8 cm.


The ergonomics of the product is also important. So, when choosing a model, twist it in your hands to see how comfortable it will be in the home.

In terms of practicality, it is much more convenient to use stickers in which the modes are switched with a button. It is much safer for hands. And besides, turning mechanisms are beginning to become a thing of the past.

Availability of additional functions for shower heads

Modern shower heads have long since ceased to be just sprayers. These elements are often equipped with additional options to improve comfort during water procedures.

Among the additional functions it is worth mentioning:

  • Change the spray mode. This function allows you to adjust the pressure mode yourself by forming rain or massage jets.
  • Water-saving. For this purpose, a valve is mounted on the device's body, which mixes air into the water jet. This function saves up to 60% water depending on the mode.
  • For this purpose, the devices are equipped with mineral elements such as tourmaline, germanium. The water passing through the minerals is dechlorinated and softened.
  • The effect of light therapy is achieved by the LEDs integrated into the housing.
  • The water supply is switched off. This function is performed by a button blocking the water supply. This function is convenient because it eliminates the need to monitor the constant water temperature control even if the shower spout overlaps with the mixer.

Many people know about the ability of color to affect a person's well-being. For example, green is relaxing, red gives an energy boost, and yellow tones and improves the mood. Specialists have developed a whole method of treatment with light of different spectrum. And leading manufacturers also did not miss this moment. Today you can find models with illumination on sale.

The generator built into the device body is capable of generating energy from the water flow generated when the shower is switched on. The water can be fixed to a rod or stand.

Mineral springs have a multistage filter that softens and gently purifies the water. The water coming out of the shower head holes becomes aerated and ionized, and the bubbles running through the body give real bliss.

Regardless of the type of model chosen, the key attention should be paid to product quality. To protect yourself from poor quality products, buy sanitary accessories in specialized showrooms and shops. You will have the opportunity to consult with specialists on the specifics of sanitary ware at the time of purchase and use the services of a centralized service.

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