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How to choose shower equipment

The shower is a mandatory attribute of a modern home. There are many options on the market to fill this vital area. Let's look at the main components of shower systems and choose the optimal set based on the constructive possibilities of the room where the shower is equipped, as well as our wishes and financial possibilities.

Hand shower

The hand shower is a hand shower head with a hose that is connected directly to the mixer. A shower holder or shower rod is used as an accessory. In the case of an integrated faucet, the hose is usually connected via a so-called hose connection.

Hand shower

The hand shower head must be light enough not to tire your hand. Therefore, the diameter of the hand shower heads usually ranges from 50 to 100-150 mm, although there are models with larger sizes up to 160 mm.

The larger the diameter of the hand shower head, the greater the flow of water it provides, which means that it can successfully perform the function of both hand shower and overhead shower, of course, with the appropriate fixture.

An important parameter for hand showers is the number of jet types. In addition to the normal mode, the hand showers also have a soft, massage, turbo, and their combinations. Depending on the type selected, the shower can be invigorating, relaxing, or massage.

Different types of jets are achieved due to the presence of several types of jets in the hand shower head and the use of special technologies for enriching water with air. Switching between the modes is achieved by means of a swivel mechanism (special lever) located on the hand shower head.

Some more modern models are equipped with a button for switching between modes, which allows you to adjust the work even with soapy hands.

Most often there are 2-4 modes of operation, sometimes more. However, it should be noted that the more types of jet the sticker supports, the higher its price. And the presence of more than 5 modes at the sticker increases the probability of its failure, especially in the case of hard water and lack of filtration system.

When choosing a hand shower head, also pay attention to the presence of special systems for cleaning from deposits. This can be either a mechanism built into the head or a quick cleaning system that allows you to remove impurities with one hand (in these watering cans, the nozzles are made of elastic materials and all deposits of salts crumble when the surface is deformed by hand).

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Watering cans are usually made of chrome coated plastic or metal. The former may become darker over time, and it is advisable to use liquid solutions (not powders) when taking care of them. The metal is usually made of premium segment watercolors.

Handshower can be either traditional round shape or square, rectangular, or as tubes and other ultra-modern variations. Obviously, the cost of hand-helds made in such an unconventional design is higher, especially when it comes to famous brands.

Shower hose

It's an essential component of a hand shower. It's the hose that connects the hand shower head to the mixer tap. When choosing a hose, pay attention to its length. It should be sufficient for comfortable use of the shower, and the hose should not bend or stretch.


Hoses with lengths from 1.25 to 2 m are available on the market. The optimum length for a shower is 1.6 to 2 m. The 1.25 m long hose is most often used with a hygienic shower.

Another important characteristic of shower hoses is their manufacturing material. The metal hoses inside are rubber, and on top of them, there is a metal winding. Such a hose is difficult enough to bend, it is usually democratic in value, but its winding can begin to unwind over time, which is not subject to repair.

Polymer hoses are available in two versions: as a polymer winding and cast. Castings are much stronger and look more impressive. They are also very easy to care for, as they have a smooth surface without ribs, which usually accumulate salt deposits.

Since the main cause of shower hose failure is kink, many manufacturers provide special protection mechanisms. For example, the hose can be fitted with a special bearing on one or both sides that allows it to rotate freely around its axis, thus avoiding kinking. The presence of a protective mechanism significantly increases the service life of the product, but the price for such hoses is also higher.

In order to ensure a long service life of the hose, it is important to handle it correctly, in particular, to store it in its unfolded state (do not, for example, store it by winding it on the mixer!). For this purpose, use a shower rod mount or a special holder that is either free-standing or combined with the mixer tap (some models of mixers are equipped with such a holder).

Shower rod

A shower rod or shower stand is a pipe made of plastic or metal, on which the showerhead is fixed. The boom is usually fixed directly to the wall, but there are floor models as well as corner models. They come in different heights, most often in the range of 60-100 cm. It is recommended to use a meter long shower bar for a shower cabin, which allows you to take a shower even sitting down. A 60-70 cm boom is sufficient for a bath.

shower stand

The boom is equipped with a showerhead holder, which moves freely along the pipe, thereby adjusting the height and angle of its placement, as well as a soap holder, holders for shampoo, shelves. These accessories can be supplied as a complete set with a holder, or optionally.

Budget rods are usually made of metalized plastic with chrome, gold, aluminum coating. Expensive models are made of brass, with different coatings. There are also design solutions made in glass.

Shower holder

It is a simple enough device, which is usually installed in the bathroom or shower when there are no other options for fixing the showerhead. In particular, it can simply be used as a hanging device to properly store the shower, for example, when using a built-in faucet or an external shower holder that does not have a shower holder in its design.

Shower holder

It can also be used to secure the showerhead when the overhead shower is in use. In this case, it is better to choose shower holders with an adjustable tilt angle. But such a holder, in comparison with the shower rod, does not allow you to adjust the height of the shower head's fixation, which can be critical if the shower is used by people of different height.

The cost of holders is primarily influenced by brand fame, and of course the material and design.

Hose connection

Used in the flush-mounted version of the hand shower, where the water pipe is concealed in the wall and the shower hose is connected directly to its outlet from the wall.

If your shower configuration requires the installation of a shower holder, take a look at the hose connection models equipped with this device.

Overhead shower

This type of shower assumes that the hand shower is fixed permanently in the ceiling or wall, and the person is completely covered with water.

Since the hand canister does not need to be held in hand, it can be much larger and more massive than its manual counterparts. Such a shower is able to give an amazing feeling of being in the warm tropical rain or even heavy rain.

Overhead shower

The most important feature of the overhead shower in U.S. is the diameter of the showerhead. The larger it is, the more water flows it generates. Models with a diameter of up to 60 or even 80 cm are available on the market.

But when choosing the size, you should be guided by common sense (the larger the header, the higher the water flow), the capabilities of your water supply system (for example, insufficient pressure in the pipe will not give the expected effect of using a large header), the configuration of the bathroom.

As for the shape of the handheld, and they can be round, rectangular, square, it is a question of your personal preferences, financial possibilities and the overall design of your bathroom.

Some models of top sheets have several modes of water jets, but it's worth considering how relevant this is to your case, as the switch is usually located on the watering canister body and access to it can be difficult.

Brackets for the overhead shower

The overhead shower can be hinged and concealed (built-in) by its mounting type. The overhead shower can be mounted to a special wall or ceiling-mounted structure. The built-in shower assumes that the water supply pipes are concealed and that the showerhead is fixed with special brackets directly to the pipe supply point in the wall or ceiling.

The bracket is selected based on the configuration of your shower, primarily the type of attachment. Please note that there are different brackets for ceiling and wall mounting. They also differ in length and angle.

Shower set (headset) and shower system

If you have to equip your shower from scratch, you should pay attention to the shower set or to the shower system - "shower assembly", because in this case you can be sure that all components are fully compatible. Moreover, the cost of such a set is usually lower than the cost of all components separately.

Shower set (headset) is the name of the hand shower set. The set may include components such as a showerhead, hose, shower rod or shower attachment, additional accessories such as a soap dish, shampoo holder, etc. Some models also include a faucet.

A shower system is usually a set consisting of upper and lower showers with all necessary components such as hand showers, brackets, holders, etc. They can also include a mixer or thermostat.

The cost of such sets depends on their functional filling, the manufacturer, as well as the materials of execution and design.

 Side nozzles

This is a relatively new equipment in the equipment of the shower. The side nozzles are mounted on the shower wall at any convenient height. Each of them massages a certain area of the body with a jet of water, so they are also called massage jets. A feature of their installation is the need for concealed installation. There are two types of jets: overhead and plunge-in jets. They also differ in design and color.

Hygienic Shower

It's not exactly a shower, in the usual sense. A hygienic shower is installed in places where it is not possible to install a full bidet, for example, due to limited space. A Hygienic Shower is a special small hand shower, also called a bidet, connected to the water through the shower hose. A lever is mounted on the handle of the hand shower head, by pushing on which water is fed into it.

The connection usually takes place through a separate mixer tap. But some manufacturers produce a sink mixer with a hygienic shower outlet. This saves on the installation of a separate faucet but requires that the toilet and sink are located next to each other. Usually, the hand basin itself is fixed to the wall by means of a conventional shower holder, and a 1.25 m long shower hose is used as a hose.

There is a wide range of showerheads on the market for hygienic showers in different colors and designs, which will allow you to easily find the most appropriate option for the overall style of your bathroom.

 Well, perhaps all the main components of shower systems used in modern homes.

Good luck with your acquisitions!

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