Shower Filter (filter shower head) - an effective softening water. How to choose a best shower filter for hard water?

How to choose a best shower filter for hard water?

Shower filter for hard water let you purify tab water, that contains chlorine in large value. As a dangerous and aggressive chemical substance, chlorine makes your water extremely harmful to health. We do not recommend you to consume such water as a food. Yes, we take a bath or shower in such water, but it is worth noting that at high temperatures, chlorine evaporates. Perhaps everyone has emphasized the unpleasant smell of chlorine in the bath or shower room, so we breathe the same air.


The fine-dispersed structure has water drops in the shower. That is why we can observe that the surface area of water in such cases is dozens of times larger than in cases where water simply flows from under the tap. Alas, but it is also worth recognizing the fact that at the moment of taking a shower, our body receives hundreds of times more volatile compounds of chlorine than when we just use water.

When you open the bathroom door and head further along the house into the bedroom, kitchen, or other room, chlorine vapors travel with you and spread out throughout the house. These vapors cause significant harm to your health when they enter your body. That is why environmentalists and doctors around the world focus on the need to open a window in the bathroom (if it is available), or reduce the time spent in the bathroom at least 3-5 minutes. The most dangerous, in this case, is a long hot shower.

Shower filter removes chlorine and sediment. How to choose a shower filter cartridge?


Scientists from different countries have proved that the use of qualitative shower filter cartridge removes chlorine and sediment reduces the chlorine content in water to the minimum permissible values.

If chlorine vapor enters your body, it not only affects the mucous membrane, but also damages the respiratory tract together with lung tissues.

 Particularly dangerous chlorinated water is for small children and their delicate skin. Thus, if chlorine enters the skin, irritations and allergies may occur. Regular bathing in chlorinated water may cause peeling, skin aging, regular showering with chlorinated water can lead to chronic diseases of the skin and respiratory system.

 Hard water remedies for hair

In water, chlorine is no less dangerous. Hard water remedies for hair that reduce hard water damages the structure of hair, which can also lose both shine and color if the hair is dyed. The skin also suffers from chlorinated water.


Thousands of girls and women in every country every day actively buy different shampoos for already dyed hair, in order to preserve and restore their shine somehow. Cute girls, the problem is not your hair or shampoos, the problem is in the chlorinated water!

If you want to solve this problem once and for all, buy a shower filter. Millions of people around the world confirm the fact that after installing the filter in the shower it is much more pleasant and safe to walk. Your hair is silky, your skin is supple and soft, and your mood is better after taking such a pleasant shower.

What is the best shower filter for hard water? Fits any shower


The most common shower filter that fits any shower is the 15 stage shower water filter. The filter element of this device removes all chlorine from the water. Simply place it in front of the shower head or hose before taking a shower. All shower filter that fits any shower have a standard size - ½. Always included is an adapter extension, which you will need to install the shower head in front of the hose. The shower head filter is suitable for all modern systems.

Destination and benefit of water filtration chlorine filter

Water filtration chlorine filter is used when it is necessary to remove active chlorine added to the water for disinfection. This substance and its derivatives have a very negative impact on the quality of tap water: it becomes unsafe.

When we stand under the shower, our hair and scalp come into contact with the negative effects of chlorine in the water. This has a negative impact on the access to the hair follicle and in addition, the structure of the hair follicles is destroyed. Because of this, the former health of the hair is gone: the shine is lost, the tips of the hair begin to cut, and as a result, the hair dies.


Nothing helps: no matter how expensive and high quality, in your opinion, shampoos, gels, masks do not buy, in the fight against chlorine can not help it. And that is not all. During the shower, chlorine penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream and into the lungs in the air. The skin becomes dry, sometimes itching.

Chlorine also contributes to the appearance of wrinkles.

There is a solution to all these problems - use a shower filter or water filtration chlorine filter.

Where to buy the shower filter head for hard water?

When you buy the shower filter head for hard water you get a reliable device that consists of copper-zinc granulate of high quality is used as a filter material. During the reaction with liquid the granules neutralize almost one hundred percent of free chlorine, which is in water, by electrochemical reactions of dissolved gaseous chlorine and chloride ions dissolved in liquid. You can buy such a filter in our store!

Types of shower water filter for nasty water

There are several different types of shower water filter for nasty water:

  1. Filter shower head

This type of shower water filter is mounted with a special device: adapter - it allows you to attach the nozzle in a variety of places and even on the bidet. The water filter is equipped with a replaceable cartridge, which can be easily replaced.

A distinctive feature of this water filter - it is very light.

This purifier can handle without much trouble with chlorine and various impurities.

  1. Filter stick

Installation of such an aqua filter is made instead of your shower head: it should be screwed on a hose. The filter is also equipped with a replaceable cartridge.

The filter canister is designed to purify water from chlorine, heavy metals and mechanical suspensions.

  1. Bathing Balls

This filtering tool should only be used in the bathroom. The water filter should be lowered into the water for a few minutes. There it disinfects it, converting chlorine into substances that are safe for us. The manufacturers promise a lifetime of up to 400 baths.

Aqua home group shower filter cartridge


Aqua home group shower filter cartridge  is available in two versions:

1) 15-stage cartridge for the universal shower filter.

2) Round cartridge with vitamin C.

All cartridges are very easy to replace in the filter yourself. Video guide on the website shows the whole process of replacing the cartridge.

Natural shower filters

With natural shower filters, you will be pleasantly surprised at how your hair and skin are changing. Dandruff will gradually begin to disappear, the structure of your hair will noticeably improve. The skin will get enough moisture, because the filter removes chlorine from the water, even if not 100%, but enough to improve the skin. The filters even contribute to the disappearance of some skin diseases.

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