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Safe tooth whitening

Some people are distrustful of the whiteness of their teeth, believing that it can damage the enamel and therefore tolerate a smile that is not aesthetically pleasing enough. Fear is born of ignorance. Safe tooth whitening exists, produces a long-lasting effect, returns teeth to their natural whiteness and luster.

Any whitening system affects tooth enamel. The degree of exposure depends on the concentration of bleaching agents. The products included in the system penetrate deeply into its pores. Not only dyeing pigments but also enamel structure can be destroyed, calcium and phosphorus can be washed out. After that, the teeth become white, but the restoration of the mineral composition is required. This is the potential danger of tooth whitening.

Professional whitening methods: risk elimination

In a network of clinics experts of very high qualification work. Our doctors are aware of the possible consequences of the procedure and take a number of measures, as a result of which patients have a guarantee of safe tooth whitening. Among them:

  • Thorough preliminary examination. If the enamel is in very poor condition or has obvious contraindications, the dentist will recommend other restoration methods, such as veneers.
  • Eyes and oral mucous membranes are protected from gel or lamp action, gums are also covered with a protective agent.
  • An expander is inserted into the patient's mouth, so it cannot be closed accidentally.
  • After some time, the doctor prescribes an additional appointment, gives recommendations, checks the condition of the enamel.
  • These measures make the main types of professional tooth whitening absolutely safe.


In terms of technology and methods, the most gentle are:

Laser whitening.

The laser beam gently affects tooth enamel, activating the gel action. After the procedure, a sensitivity reducing agent is applied to the teeth, which is also activated by a beam of photons. The restoration of enamel color is carried out in a dental chair, takes up to two hours, and does not require anesthesia. The procedure is shown even to patients with high tooth sensitivity, gives a long-term effect, destroys the bacteria that cause tooth decay. This is the safest and most advanced methodology available today.

The method of mechanical tooth lightening Air Flow.

More than 80% of plaque is removed by cleaning with a special machine, resulting in noticeably lighter teeth. The raid is removed with a powerful jet of soda solution. In this case, no harm is done to the internal structure of the enamel, and the degree of abrasion is controlled by a doctor. After clarification, the enamel is fluorinated, which reduces the sensitivity.

Ultrasound whitening.

Ultrasound whitening removes tartar effectively and safely. In combination with Air Flow clarification, the method provides significant clarification but does not injure tooth enamel.

Zoom 3

Zoom 3 is a progressive and effective method of whitening, with the right concentration of whitening agents, no contraindications, and with a clear knowledge of the technology, is also safe. If there are negative consequences, they are eliminated in a short time.

Potential risks of tooth whitening at home

The sight of yellow plaque on your teeth makes people want to arm themselves with a toothbrush and rub them to the desired whiteness. Unfortunately, neither folk nor medical products for home use have the same effect as office procedures.

Independent actions without consulting a dentist, the use of remedies of unknown origin can have unpleasant consequences:

  • Acceleration of tooth sensitivity.
  • The appearance of small pores on enamels, which are even more active in the dyeing substances, causing the opposite effect.
  • Homogeneous bleaching.
  • Chemical burns to the mucous membranes.


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