Rain shower head with handheld


The rain shower head with handheld is a shower system belonging to the category of overhead showers added by handheld shower. The technology involves mixing water with air: air-enriched (foamy) water flows through a wide showerhead (grid) and pours over the person, completely covering his body. To achieve the maximum effect, the rain shower head is installed as high as possible (at least 2 meters high).

Rain shower head with handheld has not only hygienic but also health-improving functions:

- muscle relaxation;

- beneficial effect on the skin, increasing its elasticity;

- improvement of blood circulation.


Faucets with rainfall shower head with handheld

A mixer of  with rainfall shower is made of fixed metal pipe (the size of the rain shower head will be slightly larger in this case).


 A faucet of rainfall shower head with handheld with a flexible hose: the counter is mounted on the wall and the hose is connected to the faucet can be combo with handheld shower head.

There are two modifications of the fixture, it is a shower rack or a shower panel.

Rain shower head and hand shower combo


A rain shower head and hand shower combo (shower rack) is the simplest solution that consists of an overhead rain shower head, an additional handheld shower head on a flexible hose and a shower rack that is mounted on the wall. Water is supplied to the overhead rain shower through a rigid metal pipe. All components of shower head and hand shower combo are separate and replaceable.

Sower panel - shower systems with rain shower and handheld + hydro-massage jets

Shower panel (shower systems with rain shower and handheld) it is a comprehensive solution that combines a mixer, hand shower head, overhead shower and hydro-massage jets in a single equipment.


It can be installed in either a bathtub or a shower enclosure. In this case, the mixer and the shower head are built into one panel, which can be mounted on the wall or in the corner, depending on the model. This is the most expensive but effective version of a rain shower head with handheld. Often such a system is complemented by a hydro-massage, backlighting, as well as a remote control, which controls the temperature, volume and strength of the water flow.


To think about the device of the rain shower head with handheld is better at the stage of repair: in this case, you can install the design even in the ceiling.


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