How to filter water?

In ancient times, people used to fill silver jugs with water. It was believed that such water was better, tastier, and most importantly killed bad bacteria. Today people also use this method, but in a slightly different way. People should take care of their health and above all, think about what kind of water they use.  

In many areas, especially in the city, the water is of very poor quality, and this can cause abdominal pain, lead to tartar on the teeth or loss of teeth, a decrease in the immune system and other diseases.

Our article on will tell you how to filter water in your home.


How to filter water at home?

  1. Boil the water.
  2. Water sedimentation.
  3. Silver spoon.
  4. Ionizer.
  5. Freezer.
  6. Filters.
  7. Activated charcoal.


Boil the water


People drink tea, pour water for soup - it's all boiling water. Most of the microorganisms die. But this method has a number of drawbacks. Have you noticed that often in the kettle remains scum? These are salts of heavy metals, and boiling increases the concentration of salts.

For this method, it is best to buy a kettle that is placed on the stove or that is plugged in and turns itself off when boiling.  

A thermo kettle or a boiler does not boil water. When brewing tea, this is visible, because it produces a crema and instant coffee brews badly.  

If you are outdoors, then make a fire and boil the water, or buy bottled water. If there is a buildup in the kettle - then the water is of poor quality, if not - good. Opt for a particular manufacturer.


Water sedimentation


Flower lovers know that you can't water flowers immediately with tap water. So also a person, can use this method for himself. Pour the water into a carafe and leave it for about 8 hours. During this time, the volatile chlorine along with other impurities will evaporate. Do not use the sediment and do not shake.  

Many hostesses use this method and stand the water in a pitcher. Then they dilute it with hot tea or just drink it.  

Do not store such water for more than 3 days, and periodically rinse the jug with detergent and wipe well.

This method filter water at home quite well from chlorine and impurities.


Silver spoon


We buy a silver spoon at a store that sells goldware. Approximate cost from $30 for a small teaspoon. Wash it well.  Of course for that money you can buy a shower filter!

Take a small decanter, preferably 500 ml or slightly less. We put a spoon, pour water. We wait a day, then drink it.  

It is better to drink this water after a day, do not insist, otherwise the water can go bad.  

When asking how to filter water at home, we can recommend a shower filter and a water jug.




There are special ionizers, most often in the form of a crayfish on a chain. There are also in the form of a fish, a cat and a fish, and others. Cost from $ 80 and above. The way they are used is simple. The base is placed in the water, and the chain is hung on the edge of a glass or decanter. Influence the water and, after a while, consume.




People who lead healthy lifestyles think about what they eat. Freezing water is the most common way to filter water at home.

To avoid spending money to buy water, you can take a small bottle of plastic. Pour the water, but not all the way, then put it in the freezer. 

After 6 hours, take it out and put it on a plate, since water droplets will drip from the bottle. When the ice melts, you can consume.




There are many different filters on sale: there is in the form of a faucet nozzle, a system of 5 filters, which is installed under the kitchen sink, a special filter-pitcher, in which a special charcoal is inserted, etc.

To filter water at home, we recommend choosing one of our water filters!

Each one purifies water in its own way and has a different cost. Which filter to choose depends on how dirty the water in your area, how much space is available. You should not save on filters, because it is the health of man and his loved ones.


Activated charcoal


Ordinary tablets of activated charcoal must be crushed and wrapped in gauze. Take a plastic bottle, cut off the top. Insert gauze, then a layer of gauze with charcoal and gauze again. We put the bottle in a glass jar and pour water.  

Activated charcoal filters the water and you can drink it.

It is better not to use tap water. It can be used to wash dishes and fill the bathtub. Such water often contains particles of rust, because the pipes through which the water flows are old and metal.  

There are people who do not like drinking ordinary water, to be more precise their body does not like water and it "asks" for other water - tea, juice, milk, compote, but not ordinary water. But drinking water is necessary for the human body.

Many years ago, no one could have imagined that people would buy water in plastic bottles in huge quantities. In many cities there are special terminals where people take water for money.  

When traveling, on vacation, buy bottled water, boil it at home, or use the methods described above. 

Here we have dealt with the questions of how to filter water at home!

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