How to Choose a Shower Filter for Hard Water?


The content of the centralized water supply is supplied with rust, not distinguished by the high quality of purification. In addition, water treatment is required on the water supply to the hygiene unit through a shower filter for hard water. Experts recommend installing a flow-through filter for cold/hot water. After a small modernization of the plumbing, bathing will only be beneficial.

Shower filter for hard water - shower mains filters

Today "drinking" water without treatment is not suitable for many forms of consumption. The installation of a flow filter for cold/hot water is recommended. This will improve its quality and reduce the cost of expensive cosmetics for sensitive skin care. Filter based on activated carbon.


Shower mains filters do a good job of cleaning the "life-giving liquid" from dissolved calcium, which affects the acid-alkaline index. Quality cleaning, softening, hardness stabilization will benefit:

  • The water from the tap or shower will become softer;
  • the hair will become fuller;
  • liquid soaps, shampoos and conditioners will be used more economically;
  • After washing the skin will not be irritated or dry out (saving on cream);
  • the body will feel bliss when bathing under the shower filter for hard water.

The shower mains filters is installed at the inlet of the water supply system of an apartment or a country house. Its function is to remove unwanted chemical components.

The shower mains filters is a reliable way of primary water purification in a country house or apartment. The bulb of the main filter is a cylindrical container. Inside the body of plastic or metal built-in cartridge, which is replaced as contamination.


Why do you need a shower head filter?

Water purity is determined by its transparency, absence of odor, harmful impurities and scale. When the boiler is heated above +82 °C every day, excess hardness salts crystallize. Dirty hot water with crumbs falls into the shower head or faucet, from there a thin trickle flows on the skin.

After repair of the main water supply, the content is so rusty that full bathing is canceled. To wash the child, we have to buy flasks of purified water, warm it with a kettle.

The simplest device is a shower head filter, it is the first step of coarse cleaning from impurities. It traps harmful components, increasing the comfort of bathing under the shower, especially in regions with hard water.


Types of shower filter for hard water

It is a fair desire of citizens to have purified water in their apartment from a showerhead. The easiest way to take care of your health is to install a purification system with water filtration.


There are 3 types of household purifiers available:

  1. simple flowing water filters;


  1. systems - mid-level cleaners;



The simplest varieties are capsule nozzle filters and shower water filter ceramic balls. Any showerhead filter contains a replaceable filler that cleans the liquid from chlorine, dirt, and solids.


  1. The simplest stage 15 shower water filter is a small cylindrical capsule mounted on a flexible hose closer to the shower head. The small nozzle is easy to install with your own hands. It provides for a replaceable cartridge, which lasts about six months.


  1. The universal Installing is a more complex module. It has a built-in double-sided cartridge, capable of cleaning at least 2500 liters (about 3 months of operation). One of the practical models is Filtered Handheld Shower Head - 15 Stage, Vitamin C + E - SPA Effect.


  1. Set of shower nozzles with a Vitamin C + E is an effective device. It is lowered into a bathtub with warm water, rinsing several times over the entire volume. During this time, harmful impurities are absorbed. Set of shower nozzles with a Vitamin C + E is effective for one year.


  1. Showerheads are available with tourmaline spheres, aroma capsules, illite granules. Additional options increase the effectiveness of cleaning, have a softening effect. Tourmaline nozzles guarantee more comfortable bathing under the shower.



Working Principle

The filter module is for primary purification. Polypropylene core removes rust with sand. Further water goes to the shower head with a filter of high degree of purification.

The most reliable models are those with "carbfiber block" technology (with carbon cartridge). They absorb all types of impurities. The system cleans the water from chlorine, making it safe for the respiratory organs. Mid-level filters are connected to the water supply, and replaceable cartridges are provided.

There are single-unit and multi-unit models, mounted at the faucet with a large capacity. The quality of filtration is enhanced by ion exchange resin or activated carbon.

Multilevel filtration of solid sludge, rust and easily evaporated impurities is most effective. These are membrane filters with active fillers (physico-chemical osmosis).


Advantages and disadvantages

In many cities, dirt from under the faucet or in the showerhead is common. The water supply system cannot cope with the load of providing new buildings with old pipes.

The main advantages of using a total filtration system in conjunction with the shower filter for hard water:

  • reduces the concentration of harmful compounds, softening water;
  • protects household appliances from scale formation, saving on electricity;
  • reduces the likelihood of breakage of the heating elements of household appliances;
  • additional comfort when bathing;
  • saves care products for "tight" skin;
  • reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions and skin rashes from harmful impurities;
  • protection of the respiratory tract from chlorine.

Among the disadvantages are the additional costs of installing the filter. You will also have to periodically buy replacement shower head cartridges and filters.



One of our satisfied customers will tell you about the installation of the shower filter for hard water!

Option 1


Option 2


In a small shower while bathing, it is not uncommon to feel an excess of moisture with chemical components. Through the lungs, harmful substances enter the body through the bloodstream, poisoning the most sensitive organs. It is recommended to keep your loved ones safe with a shower filter for hard water, which is easy to install yourself by reading the instructions.

Each model of the nozzle-filter is equipped with an explanation of the installation with further operation. The threaded connection of the shower head with the filter is compatible with standard water pipes. Most models for chlorine-free water purification are installed by screwing a flexible hose onto the spigot.

After checking the connection for leaks, you can fully use the shower head cleaner.



When purchasing a shower head, it is recommended that you study the instructions for cleaning the filler. The colorful balls are emptied and rinsed with hot water after depressurizing the shower head. Trunk filters have their own rules for replacing the cartridge. Each model has its own peculiarities, but they are described in detail in the assembly instructions.

All devices with replaceable cartridges involve replacing the inside or flushing out the pellets they contain. Replacing the cartridge is easy and straightforward:

  • shut off the water in the house;
  • Drain the remaining liquid from the flexible hose;
  • The cylindrical nozzle cartridge is dismantled according to the model instructions;
  • the shower hose is pulled aside;
  • the central element with the capsule, where the cartridge is inserted, is opened;
  • The shower filter for hard water unit is returned to its original position in the same way.


Does a shower filter for hard water help against chlorine?

A shower filter for hard water is an effective protection against harmful volatile impurities. Local water filters absorb most of the fumes in the shower or bathroom.

According to the tests, filtration of running or hot shower water noticeably reduces the concentration of chlorine or eliminates it completely. This is confirmed by the test strips. Instead of the initial 0.8 mg/L of chlorine at the showerhead outlet, it is zeroed out if there is a new active ingredient.

Chlorination of the water supply is a mandatory procedure. An adult's body can handle a small amount of harmful substances. A child inhales about the same amount of chlorine, which is even more harmful to him than to adults. The small amount of harmful fumes negatively affects the whole body.


Chloramine Shower Head With Filter Vitamin C

The chloramine shower head with filter belongs to the novelty series for fast cleaning of liquid media. The shower nozzle with sorbent filter works in a wide range:

  • removes phenols, salts, metal oxides;
  • neutralizes chlorine;
  • inhibits pathogenic microflora;
  • eliminates putrefactive, chemical odors;
  • Filters insoluble sludge.


It is worth using the novelty to appreciate the soft water at the outlet of the shower head. After one year, the filter elements are replaced.


Filtered Handheld Shower Head

The filtered handheld shower head is a model with a massage effect (at a good pressure). The skin relaxes under the influence of hundreds of small triangular-shaped spray holes. A special coating of a shower head has an antibacterial effect.

Sounds like a SPA treatment center in your home. Filtered Handheld Shower Head with fragrance module has a "bonus". It is a gel filtration technology with vitamin C, which takes care of skin health.


How to get more pleasure and benefit from bathing and washing

During bathing, the skin absorbs part of the liquid through the pores and epithelium. Along with the beneficial effects, harmful impurities enter the body with hard tap water. They dry the skin and cause allergic reactions.

The shower filter for hard water removes rust, absorbs chlorine, organic compounds and metal oxides. After connecting the nozzle on the shower head that softens the water, you can feel the difference immediately.

The skin does not shrink, the hair is more lush, the body relaxes, the overall tone is quickly normalized. Installing a shower head with a filter makes water procedures more comfortable and healthy.

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