How to choose a hand-held showerhead

Showering is a pleasant and invigorating hygiene procedure that helps you wake up or get ready for bed and relieve stress. To make it more comfortable, more than seventy percent of respondents use a hand-held shower head, while the rest use an overhead shower head. The combination is considered ideal and is attracting increasing attention.

The criteria for choosing a hand shower

The hand shower head, unlike a fixed shower head, gives a lot of leeway, the water flowing under pressure, is poured exactly where you want it. Interestingly, this type of shower is not common everywhere. When evaluating your future purchase, consider carefully:

  • the shape of the shower head;
  • its size;
  • type of jets;
  • the presence of switching to other modes of water supply.

To choose the most practical showerhead, you need to start by assessing the quality and flow rate of water. It is believed that the weaker the pressure, the smaller should be the capacity of the shower head and the number of nozzles, i.e. the holes from which the water flows out.

Also, if the water flow rate is too low, you should consider whether or not you need a large nozzle surface. Normally, when the water pressure is low, the water flow volume is insufficient, which reduces the comfort of use; the water does not form a sufficiently elastic jet.

In this case, give preference to a showerhead with a small, hemispherical head and a small number of orifices.

Select the shower head according to the quality and pressure of the water.

Your next choice depends on the quality of the water. If the water inlet of your shower head should have silicone nozzles, and there should be a mechanical filter at the point where the water pipe is threaded. Water hardness is also a reason to avoid add-ons, such as switch buttons, rubber inserts in the handle and other elements that form a bond between the two materials.


All of them will gradually become places where limescale deposits will accumulate, compromising the appearance of the sanitary ware and the room as a whole.

A good selection of shower strainers will help to avoid all these annoyances. It can be a stand-alone shower strainer, such as AquaHomeGroup's 15-Stage Shower Water Filter Ceramic Balls filter, installed before the shower hose. I also advise you to consider the Universal Filtered Hand Shower - 15 Stages + Vitamin C - a complete solution consisting of 2 high quality shower filters + hand shower head + attachment + shower hose.
Image-Shower- filter-with-hand-held-showerhead
The shower hand sprayer can be switched to other modes, in which water is supplied in a non-standard way, for example, with a high pressure to a separate section of nozzles. These modes almost always have a switch in the form of a lever or mechanical button.

Most customers who have already purchased a handheld shower head have written in their reviews that this function has not been used.

If you do not have a fixed shower head in your bathroom, and the pressure is strong enough, choose a shower head with a large surface area and number of nozzles. This will make it easier to take a vertical shower as well.


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