How do I choose a shower water filter and does it help with chlorine?

How do I choose a shower water filter


Showering is the most common type of hygiene procedure. It soothes, relaxes, helps relieve stress, and is relatively water efficient. The disadvantages of the shower also have - the weak pressure, constant temperature differences, and, of course, the hard, aggressive water, which can be made softer by using the best shower water filter - which will be discussed in this article.




Chlorination of water in the water treatment system is carried out on a mandatory basis. The procedure is aimed at the destruction of infectious agents, disinfection. Chlorination copes with these tasks, but there are side effects - an unpleasant smell, a sharp increase in hardness.


The filtered liquid has a pronounced positive cosmetic effect. Thanks to a special shower water filter for hard water, you will forget about such problems as:


  • Red eyes;
  • Dry, flaky skin;
  • Unruly, stiff hair.

Does it help with chlorine?


Active chlorine is an aggressive compound that makes water unsafe and forms free radicals. Consuming liquid with chlorine in your food is highly undesirable, and it's bad for your skin and hair, too.


During water procedures in chlorinated water, you get a portion of chemistry, including inhaling hot air fumes. Due to the finely dispersed structure of droplets, which come out of the shower head, the negative effect is maximum.


Best shower water filters 2021 sorbents are responsible for correcting and removing:


  • Taste and odor;
  • Chlorine;
  • Organics and organochlorines;
  • Phenols;
  • Hydrocarbons;
  • Pesticides ;
  • Surfactants.
Activated carbon is used as a granular load for cartridge or backfill filters. They create a permanent barrier between the adsorbed substances and the water to be treated until the absorption capacity is exhausted.

Important! Active carbon is expensive, but has an optimal adsorption capacity in comparison with natural sorbents.


Another way to remove chlorine (along with organics, chloramines, hydrocarbons) - reverse osmosis filtration.

Since the shower water filter system full-fledged reverse osmosis system can not be arranged, the manufacturers of equipment rely on carbon filters.


Activated carbon can be regenerated without the use of chemicals - only by backwashing with a directional water flow for 10 minutes.


How it works


The exchangeable shower water filter for hair ensures a deep three-stage purification process:


  1. The mechanical element captures sand, rust, and other suspended solids;
  2. The main working layer removes heavy metals, chlorine organics, active chlorine, arsenic - up to 95% of the total content;
  3. Mechanical post-filter - removes insoluble compounds that have settled on the bottom, performs final purification.


The water that flows into the watering can first undergo a multi-step purification process before it can be used.

Because the design is compact, the purchase and installation of complex expensive devices is not required. The dimensions of the inline shower water filter are standard, the adapter-extender is included.

Reference. Compatibility with the majority of types of modern shower systems - practically 100 %.


Except chlorine, the filter removes organic inclusions, heavy metals, mechanical impurities and unpleasant smells.


Advantages and disadvantages shower water filter




  • Effective chlorine removal - this is possible due to the use of multistage purification cartridges.
  • Decrease of hardness - this is possible due to removal of metal inclusions.
  • Neutralization of low-alkali environment - this is done without changing the natural mineral composition.
  • Improvement of quality of washing out cosmetics - soft water removes cosmetics much faster and better.
  • Improvement of hair, skin - users say that they forgot about peeling, alopecia, dandruff.


The solution also has disadvantages.The bathroom shower water filter will not remove all impurities - you can only expect a noticeable improvement in water quality. The cartridges must be changed regularly - at least once every 3-4 months, and better often. The liquid in the tap will not be filtered - it is cleaned separately or not used.


Installation shower water filter


Install it in front of a hose or a watering can. The installation process is simple, takes literally a couple of minutes, it is easy to cope with it yourself without recourse to professional craftsmen.


Change the shower head is not necessary - any shower head will do. Working modes, intensity of the head, type of jet remain the same.

The order of installation of the shower water filter on the shower head.


  1. Unscrew the shower head.
  2. Screw in the adapter.
  3. Secure the filter.
  4. Push the shower head back in place.


Everything is thought over for convenience of the user, therefore the technology and is in high demand.

Attention! There are different versions of nozzles, but they are all reliable, inexpensive and easy to install.




The resource of a particular model is specified in the instruction manual. With intensive use, it is recommended to change the cartridges every 2-4 months - so the water quality will be guaranteed high.


To perform maintenance is simple. You need to remove the working element - unscrew the watering can, and then the filter. The order of replacement depends on the design of a particular product - usually it is simply disassembled, the old element is removed, a new one is placed.

Best models


Broken dry hair, constant skin itching, chlorine perfume - only the main bonuses from bathing in untreated tap water.

Synopsis. Chlorine is the cause of a number of diseases, including vascular and heart abnormalities.


During water procedures, chemicals evaporate faster than water and penetrate deep into the lungs and skin pores. Solve the problem can be a water filter for the shower.




About the shower water filters reviews of users are mostly good. They say that hygiene products began to wash out better, there are no problems with the removal of residual hair masks and other care products. Warms the water through the filter longer than without it, can flow cold for a long time.


The results of the tests on hardness and acidity are amazing - the filter is really effective and works.

But my point is that it is hard to find nozzles, because they are very hard to work with. Nozzles can be difficult to find - take this into account when choosing a model.




The shower water filter is an interesting, functional, practical device. It is easy to use, effectively removes chlorine and other impurities. The use of such cartridges is good for health, because the human body receives water not only from food, drinks, but also through external contact with the skin.


As a result of using the filter the acid-alkaline balance is normalized, hardness is reduced. Hair will become softer, the skin will cease to peel a lot, and aging processes will be slowed down.

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