Filtered water - beautiful hair! Shower head filter in California

Filtered water - beautiful hair

Filtered water - beautiful hair - the rule which is used by beautiful girls.Girls with beautiful hair always stand out from the crowd, attracting the views of not only men but also women. Sparkling, flowing, gentle... They are a real ornament of beautiful ladies.

But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the hair still gets dull, starts to fall out, their ends are strongly split. It seems that expensive shampoos are bought, and balms are used, and masks are applied regularly, but there is no effect.

What is it? Answer: In the absence of proper water quality, which we use both for hair care and food purposes.

Clean filtered water helps with stress.


Above all, good quality water must be consumed daily in sufficient quantities. A proper drinking regime can prevent stress.You can do this by using clean filtered water.

Hair is known to react very strongly to stress. How? Everyone knows that nervous stress is the cause of hair loss. This is because all the body's forces are directed at maintaining the function of the most important human organs, and on the scalp, hair, forces are no longer enough.

In addition, during stress, certain hormones are released into the bloodstream, which causes vascular spasm, resulting in poor blood supply to hair follicles. When the nervous tension goes down, the mop will only recover after a couple of months.

From everything can be made simple and clear to everyone: if you do not want to put your hair to the test, prevent stress. 

Water improves health

Many people have no idea how the drinking regime affects their health. Properly consumed clean water can be a miracle. It rejuvenates, strengthens the whole body, improves metabolism, the condition of all human organs and systems. Thanks to this increases the mood, activity.

Of course, hair will respond positively to improve the body as a whole. After all, it means that for their nutrition will be given a sufficient amount of substances, accelerate their growth, hair will be more moisturized and well-groomed in appearance.

Hard water filter shower head for water without impurities

It is very important to use enough clean water inside, but even more important to use the right water in hair care. Hard water filter shower head will clean the water from harmful impurities and make it soft, especially for better hair care.


The water you use to wash your hair should not contain many harmful components. Above all, it is chlorine, which is used to disinfect water in water treatment plants. It visibly worsens the condition of hair, dries the hair and scalp itself, causes irritation and even dandruff.

Hard water is also harmful to the hair (and in Belarus almost all water is quite hard). After using this liquid for washing, the hair dries and gets confused. And no more expensive famous shampoo will not help them.

Water of a certain temperature

Hair is incredibly sensitive to water temperature. It must be protected from both very cold and very hot liquids. It is best to use warm water (around 40 C), which is pleasant to the touch, to care for the hair.

Why is this? Let's answer it. Cold water helps to narrow capillaries, which slows down hair growth. The hot liquid dries out the scalp and can cause dandruff. It also activates the production of sebum. It promotes excessive grease in the hair.

How do you get the right water in your home?

Now the most important question: how to get good water at home, which would be ideal for human use for various purposes.

Showerhead filters in California


There are different showerhead filters in California. Some of them only remove insoluble particles of various sizes from the water, while others are able to remove more complex impurities, chlorine and hardness salts, for example. The main thing is to choose a suitable filter with the help of a specialist, which will allow you to wash in pure soft water without chlorine.

The shower head filter in California is another quite effective way to remove harmful chlorine from the water, as well as heavy metals, mechanical particles, and other contaminants. It is easy to install, lightweight, simple and easy to use.

Reverse osmosis filter in California

The reverse osmosis filter in California is an excellent solution for those who dream of using exceptionally clean and safe water for food purposes. Most impurities, including hardness salts, are removed mechanically from the liquid. So, such water can be actively used for washing, and if desired, for washing the head.

Good water is the key to gorgeous, shiny, healthy hair.

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