Filter for shower head and bath filters

Water purification with filter for shower head and bath filters is a necessity caused by the loss of its natural qualities after treatment by filter stations. In addition to a few dozen undesirable impurities, tap water contains chlorine residues, organochlorine compounds, hard salts. During water procedures human skin absorbs them together with water molecules.

The concentration of harmful chemical elements is not so high that a healthy person would notice the consequences after a single bath. But with daily contact they gradually have a harmful effect. People prone to allergies and young children are especially sensitive. All efforts on skin care, cosmetic, hygienic procedures can be negated if the real cause of poor skin condition is contaminated water. To buy a filter for shower head or other shower filter means to safeguard against harmful substances, to provide your family with clean water.

Types of shower filters and with filter for shower head

The technologies that are used in the shower filters devices are different - depending on the initial properties of the contaminated water, the requirements for hygienic qualities at the output.


Different shower water filters use one or several types of water purification simultaneously:

  • mechanical screening of fine impurities, foreign molecules through polypropylene fibers;
  • Mechanical coarse purification through a filtering microporous mesh (the quality of water filtration depends on the mesh size of 20-500 microns);
  • Softening (ion exchange technology) and deferrization through retention of hard salts of calcium, magnesium, iron elements;
  • sorption filters for shower head and bath filters with granular activated carbon and complex filling, which filters out chlorine compounds, iron, derivatives of heavy metals, lime impurities.

Why you should install filter for shower head?

The result, because of which it is worth buying a filter for shower head, is judged by practically noticeable indicators:

  • "soft" water does not dry the skin, does not irritate the mucous membranes;
  • —Āonsumption of detergents decreases, since foaming increases;
  • lime scale and "rusty" stains do not form on sanitary ware;
  • no clogging of connecting elements of switches, no clogging of shower head nozzles, rubber seals last longer;
  • no smell peculiar to tap water treated with chlorine.

Shower and bath filters are made in the form of various devices:

  • shower spray nozzles,
  • cylindrical nozzles between the faucet and the shower hose,
  • tubular shower hose nozzles,
  • bath spheres for the bathtub,
  • line filters, which are installed at the water supply inlet to the bathroom.



Shower filters in AquaHomeGroup online store

Filter for shower head maintenance is elementary: just take out a replacement cartridge and replace it with a new one. Resource of the filtering filler is indicated by the manufacturer in liters. It is easy to calculate based on monthly water consumption.

To buy a filter for shower head, it is necessary to take into account the place and method of installation, the preferred cartridge filler, the parameters of the connection connector. The flow capacity of shower water filters is also important.

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