Do you boil water twice?

It turns out that this habit can shorten life ...

Everyone sometimes makes this mistake: we boil water several times to make tea or coffee. We found out why this is not worth it.

Under the influence of high temperature, all bacteria die, but impurities remain. When water begins to boil, its molecules evaporate, and the concentration of other substances increases. For example, in the form of a precipitate, salts, modified hydrogen compounds, etc. settle to the bottom of the kettle. Such water is even called “dead” or even toxic, since the cumulative effect of these impurities is dangerous. This can especially affect the health of the kidneys over time - stones appear. Do not forget that the tap water contains chlorine. When the liquid heats up, this element interacts with organic substances, during which carcinogens are formed. They can cause cancer.

To avoid the negative effects of water on health, you must adhere to the following rules:

1. Each time before boiling use new water.

2. When preparing a drink in a thermos or hot mug, first place the ingredients in the container, then fill with water and do not immediately cover it with a lid. Allow at least three minutes of the hot liquid to “inhale” oxygen.

3. Do not add fresh water to the remaining boiled water.

4. Before pouring fresh water into the kettle, let it stand for several hours in an enameled container.

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