Comfortable bathroom: why use hoses, holders, and shower head filters?

Comfortable bathroom: why use hoses, holders, and shower head filters?

Shower set with a shower head filter , its nozzles, and holder, if necessary, and with a barbell - a standard sanitary kit necessary for virtually every apartment or private home. Therefore, many owners of residential properties are interested in details about this product. For example, why do you need a barbell and a shower holder?

For the arrangement of apartments and houses there is a huge number of items. We try to make a cozy and multifunctional room, including the bathroom. By purchasing good and quality bathroom fixtures, we make life much easier for ourselves.

Traditionally, bathroom fixtures are called technical attributes of toilets and bathrooms, kitchens, which include toilet washbasins and sinks, toilets, showers, sinks for kitchens, bathtubs, and so on.

Most popular materials

However, this includes technical connection structures for sewerage systems or water lines: single taps and mixers, hoses, pipes, and much more. For today as a material for the release of various sanitary elements:

  • glass
  • metals
  • polymers
  • marble
  • faience .

At the same time, the elements of sanitary engineering, in addition to its functionality, should also approach the interior of the room. Hence, at the replacement of single designs it is necessary to pick up elements in the same style, and at overhaul it is necessary to choose the complete set of sanitary technics in one style.

In addition, when choosing to plumb should be borne in mind as the size and geometric configuration of the room, and the location of the withdrawal and supply lines.

Booms, shower holders

As you know, almost any element of sanitary ware is supplied with the necessary details to ensure their convenient use when performing this or that procedure. For the shower, such details are the bar and the holder.

The shower rod is a plastic or metal tube designed to attach the nozzle to the wall. There are fixing holes at one end of the shower rod to fix it to the wall, at the other end the hand showerhead itself is fixed with a clamp.

Hand shower head


The height of the hand shower head can be adjusted using the boom (standard - 60-150 cm), it also allows you to turn the hand showerhead in different directions. On some models, it is possible to adjust the distance from the wall. The boom ensures that the person is positioned comfortably during the shower.

A showerhead holder is available for all models. It is mainly used to hang the showerhead between uses. However, it can also act as a boom, i.e. it can be used to adjust the height of the showerhead and its turns.

Most often, a special connection hinge with a locking device is used for adjusting the showerhead to a specified position. In this case, the design of the showerhead holder is actually different, so the adjustable parameters can vary greatly.

Metal or metal-plastic is used to manufacture the shower holders. They are attached to the wall, most often with plugs, but modern models can be attached with special suction cups that do not damage the wall. When buying a shower does not prevent you from wondering how to attach the shower head holder.

Choosing a boom or a shower head holder

If you are going to buy a boom or showerhead holder, you should choose the most functional and reliable element. Choose only tried and tested companies. Be sure to consult specialists when purchasing showerheads.

Why do you need showerhead filters?


Showerhead filters are a very useful thing in everyday life. Before entering our homes, tap water is specially treated. However, its quality leaves much to be desired, as it contains a lot of chlorine and other harmful impurities.

Everyone probably already knows how to get clean drinking water: All you need to do is install a suitable treatment system at home (e.g. flowthrough or reverse osmosis). But what about the water, which is used for hygiene procedures? Many people still use chlorinated water, suffering from various skin irritations, and are not aware of the existence of special showerheads.

What are the benefits of using shower head filters?

The main purpose of the shower head filters is to clean the liquid from mechanical inclusions, chlorine, and its compounds, heavy metals, rust.

As a result, the quality of water will significantly improve, and it will have a positive impact on your appearance: redness and dryness will disappear from the skin, the hair will acquire shine and strength.

As for health, the negative impact of chlorine on mucous membranes will stop, the respiratory system will stop being depressed, allergic symptoms will go away.

Water softener shower head filter

It is also important that the water softener shower head filter make it possible to save money on washing. If the water is clean and contains no chlorine, it gives more foam shampoo and soap, that is, detergents will need less.

Showerhead filters also provide aesthetic benefits: they free water from various visible impurities (rust, sand) and from unpleasant odors. All this leads to a much more pleasant hygiene treatment.

It is enough to buy showerhead filter to make sure that it is of great use. You don't have to spend as much money as you do on a water softening station to buy this device, so it makes sense to experiment.

What are the filters for showers

There are different types of showerheads, but they are most common:

  • the showerhead attachment;
  • the cylinder-shaped device.

The filter, which is made in the shape of a hand shower head, is screwed to the hose instead of the usual showerhead. It contains a replacement cartridge with silicon sand, chlorine, and KDF material. In addition, there is an ADR device installed in the hand-wash, which gives the water useful properties. This nozzle is lightweight, it is easy to use.

The cylindrical filter consists of a plastic or metal case, inside which there is a double cleaning cartridge. Special inserts installed at the cartridge outlet and inlet retain mechanical impurities, while KDF material removes chlorine and its derivatives, heavy metals, and other impurities from the water.

This filter has a weight of about 500 g and can be installed between the mixer and the hose or between the hose and the watering can.

Who would need a shower nozzle filter?

These devices are needed by people with sensitive skin that turns red and itches after washing. They are also needed for those who are allergic and cannot breathe fully during water procedures.

 A filter nozzle will also be a good purchase if there are small children in the house. After all, chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities present in water are not safe for the child's body.

A shower head filter will be necessary for anyone who wants to wash in clean water!

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