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Chlorinated water: Benefits and Risks

Speaking about the pollution of tap water, most often we recall chlorine. Why is chlorine added to municipal water, and what harm can this compound cause?

It is impossible to do without disinfection of water because ponds all year round carry in their water a huge amount of various bacteria, chemical contaminants, and sewage. If a modern person drank untreated water, then the diseases associated with such water would not be limited only to viruses and bacteria, as it was in the past, when the industrial sphere was not so developed. That is why, at the level of urban attention, water purification is carried out everywhere in various ways. The best-known method is chlorination.

However, the negative influence of chlorine cannot be unnoticed:

  • the skin and the mucous membrane of the eyes can be irritated after washing;
  • the skin and hair become dry and brittle; rashes on the body, for example, acne become more intensive.

These are just a few notable factors showing the effects of chlorine water on the human body. People who regularly drink chlorinated water and for many years have a hot shower using such water are much more prone to asthma, bronchitis, and inflammation.

Get rid of chlorine in the water is simple enough: you need to use special chlorine filters. In our shop, you will also find special showerheads, which allow you to take a shower in chlorine-free water. That has a tangible effect on the hair and skin. 

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