Benefits of lemon water! | Shower head filter with vitamin C

Benefits of lemon water!

This drink contains many useful substances: potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamins C, A and the entire subgroup of vitamins B. Therefore, getting into the body, the drink helps to activate the health of all internal systems:

1. Water with lemon helps to remove inflammatory processes and stimulate the digestive tract. The drink also has a special positive effect on the intestines, weakening the harmful effects of toxins and chemicals.

2. The lemon water has a cleansing effect on the liver, the enzymes contained in water with lemon stabilize the functioning of internal organs and contribute to their purification from toxic chemicals and harmful components.

3. Water with lemon is a means for weight loss. Nutritionists advise drinking the drink to all those who wish to correct the figure.

4. The drink helps to stabilize the immune system, providing antiviral, antipyretic, and immunostimulating effects.

5. The optimal combination of magnesium, as well as calcium in water with lemon, helps strengthen the skeletal system.

Lemon is always associated with vitamin C. But few people know that vitamin C is useful not only when taken inside, but also for our skin and hair. A shower head filter with vitamin C contains a special replacement cartridge with gel, which is activated by passing warm water and enriches the water and air in the bathroom with vitamin C.

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