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Home whitening. At home teeth whitening kit.

A snow-white smile makes any person more attractive. To feel comfortable in society and like yourself in the mirror, you should regularly watch the shade of teeth enamel. Today, aesthetic dentistry offers different ways to whiten teeth especially using at home teeth whitening kit.

If you want to change your appearance for the better, take care of the beauty of your teeth. You can whiten your teeth not only in the dentist's office, but also at home with teeth whitening kit.


Methods of whitening. Deluxe whitening kit.


There are enough ways of home bleaching, which are recommended by dentists. The procedure should be safe and conducted after consultation with the dentist. Such a measure will avoid mistakes that can lead to thinning or damage of teeth enamel.

Teeth can be helped:

  • a professional deluxe whitening kit made of mouthpiece and gel;
  • products from the pharmacy with bleaching properties.


Teeth whitening mouth devices and gels

Whitening will dramatically change the way you look, but you should take responsibility for this procedure. Choose a bleaching gel and teeth whitening mouth devices best together with the dentist, you should not buy the product yourself. A preliminary consultation at the dental clinic will eliminate any errors in home whitening.

Pure white teeth whitening

Whitening gel works safely and does not harm either teeth or gums. The concentration of the product will help to choose a dentist. Pure white teeth whitening should be carried out under the strict control of the doctor (all questions you may ask the dentist - from a specialist you will receive extensive answers and explanations).

Led whitening kit. Bleaching with a teeth whitening mouth devices


How does home bleaching work with a teeth whitening mouth devices? Using led whitening kit for home teeth whitening does not bring discomfort, is simple and clear to everyone. At home, a person fills the mouthpiece himself with gel. You can wear the device at any time.

You can do your homework in peace, and the drug will bleach your teeth at this time. Manipulation can be performed several times until the teeth acquire the necessary shade.

To make a mouthpiece and buy whitening gel, visit your dentist beforehand. A specialist will check the condition of teeth, give recommendations and choose the best bleaching agent.

How to prepare for home whitening


For home whitening to be safe and effective, professional hygiene of the mouth, gums and teeth must be done in advance. The procedure is better performed in the dental office - the doctor will remove with special equipment the stone and plaque formed on the teeth.

The clinic will also deal with the production of individual mouth guard. The system of whitening is selected by the dentist for each patient individually, taking into account the wishes of the patient and the characteristics of the teeth.

Independent whitening is not difficult. You can wear a mouth guard at night or, conversely, wear it during the day. You can adjust the degree of whitening yourself.

There are certain contraindications to the use of whitening systems:

  • sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide;
  • childhood;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • presence of fillings, dentures, crowns;
  • high sensitivity of teeth.

You should not trust outsiders in matters of teeth whitening. You should always go to a dental clinic if you want to make your smile more attractive. The clinic will help you brighten your teeth enamel by 2-3 tones.

Using pharmacy products for teeth whitening

For effective whitening at home, you can use pastes recommended by dentists. Specialists recommend alternating bleaching agents with strengthening paste. If you use a bleaching agent in the morning, brush your teeth using gum restorative at night.

 Follow the advice of your dentist to ensure that your whitening pastes will last a long time:

  • During the entire period, you should stop using colorful fruits and vegetables and other products that can stain teeth enamel. You should not eat beets, carrots, sweets.
  • You should not drink strong tea and coffee for the period of clarification of teeth. It is also not recommended to drink red wine. The use of these drinks can change the tone of teeth enamel and destroy the positive result of whitening.
  • You should not smoke cigarettes during the bleaching period and after it. Nicotine resins form a yellowish pigment on the teeth enamel. It is better to quit smoking forever, if you want to have a white smile.

It is not difficult to whiten teeth at home. However, if you encounter any difficulties, be sure to visit your dentist. You can perform the whitening procedure directly at the dental clinic and get full professional advice.

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