7 ways to determine water quality at home

  1. The simplest experiment to determine the quality of water is an evaluation by appearance and taste. The water should be clear, without sediment and foreign odors.
  2. To determine the degree of clarity, pour a full, clear glass of water. Try to read the text on the paper by looking through the glass of water. If it is easy, the water is clear.
  3. The color of water is determined in a similar way: pour 100 ml of water into a clear glass and examine it against a white paper. For example, some natural organic substances that may be present in water give it a dark color.
  4. At home, it is easy to determine the hardness of the water by using soap or shower gel. If they do not foam well, the water is hard. The same can be said for water that forms sediment when boiling. If the kettle heating element is covered with scale - the water is hard. Read about "Hard Water. How to choose a shower filter for hard water?"
  5. In addition to hardness salts, there may be other minerals in the water. To roughly determine the level of total mineralization of water, put a small drop of it on a glass or mirror. Wait until the liquid evaporates and look at the surface: if it remains clean, there are few minerals in the water. If stains or streaks are left on the glass after it has dried, then the water contains a noticeable amount of mineral salts.
  6. The smell of the water can also tell you a lot about its purity. First warm the water to 20° C and then to 60° C. The putrid smell of the water indicates the presence of hydrogen sulfide.
  7. Separately, we should also mention such a popular "method of measuring water quality" at home as the use of a TDS meter. The device is called a "mud meter," but it only evaluates the electrical conductivity of water.

AquaHomeGroup specialists will tell you which substances, except dissolved salts, give high TDS meter readings in ordinary cola or orange juice. You will learn that even a slight change in water temperature can significantly affect the instrument's readings, and you will see an experiment with an insecticide. Will the instrument detect its presence in the water?

Alas, all home methods have their disadvantages. The most complete information about water quality can be obtained only by ordering a full analysis of samples from specialists.

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