6 easy-to-use ways to clean the shower head from lime scale

 There are 6 easy-to-use ways to clean the showerhead from limescale.

Regular maintenance of sanitary ware removes impurities with conventional means, making it easier to clean in the bathroom. However, there are many ways to easily clean the showerhead from limescale even if it is heavily clogged. The main thing is to check their effect in an inconspicuous area of the structure, and use gloves and a respiratory mask while working.

Household chemicals against plaque

The most acceptable way is to use detergents for cleaning baths and toilets containing chlorine and other active elements that can get rid of plaque without traces.

First, we should try to take apart the sticker. But if there is no instruction, you shouldn't do it, otherwise, you can damage it.

Pour into the water tank and stir a little selected detergent.

Put the disassembled or collected watering can in the cleaning solution and forget about it for 30-60 minutes.

After soaking, it will be left to brush the watering can to remove plaque fragments from inaccessible areas. The active elements will "dissolve" the strong limescale and it will be easily removed.

Then rinse the watering can wipe it dry.

The dirt can be simply rubbed with a hard sponge or brush with detergent. But in the area of the nozzles, lime deposits accumulate the most. And it's hard to clean out such build-ups without soaking in advance.


Cleaning with vinegar or soda (3 ways)

Household chemistry is a productive method, but to remove limescale from the canister you can successfully apply and folk recipes of purity.

Purification with vinegar

An effective tool for limestone removal. Acetic essence is diluted with water at a ratio of 1:20, and table vinegar 1:2. Place a showerhead in a warm solution and hold it for 30 minutes to an hour (allowed even longer), depending on the impurities.

Vinegar + soda

To clean the shower head from plaque, you can also use a mixture of 1 l water, ½ glass of vinegar and 3 tbsp. of soda. The solution is prepared in a glass or enameled container. A rapid reaction of components is possible when interacting with each other.

In warm mortar dip each object, which should be cleaned for 30-40 minutes or the watering can itself. After passive treatment, wash thoroughly with water and clean with a brush.

Soda solution

In hot water 500 ml dissolve 4-5 tbsp. of soda. Soak the disassembled structure in solution or as a whole. Leave for 40-50 minutes. Clean the dirt with a brush. Repeat the procedure if necessary.


Cleaning with citric acid (verified by the editorial board).

Citric acid is the second most reputable and effective domestic lime and scale remover. It requires one large bag of 25 g. The content is poured into any container that is not afraid of high temperatures and filled with approximately 1 liter of hot water.

It is better to disconnect the watering can from the hose or put it in a jar by installing it in a bath or shower cubicle. When plaque gets wet, it is cleaned with a brush and then the nozzle is washed completely.

Checked by the editorial: in 500 ml of water with a temperature of 70-80 degrees dissolved a third of the bag of citric acid for 25 g. Place the showerhead in the solution, immediately there was a reaction in the form of bubbles. The impurities were small, so they endured only 30 minutes. The result of the cleansing is on the photo. Way of working 100%.


Coca-Cola is also good for cleaning the showerhead. To return the original purity, you just need to dip it whole or disassembled into a warm drink for 30-60 minutes and then rinse with water. If the clogging is highly visible, it is possible to heat up the coke slightly. This way, it will eat away at plaque and stone more quickly.

Important! Soda is very aggressive, so it is not recommended to keep the watering can in it for more than an hour.

The cleaning properties of the drink are extensive, ranging from tea plaque in a thermos to rust from the cast iron frying pan.

Cleaning of the fixed watering canister

When it is not possible to unhook the tip from the hose, clean it separately, you will have to refer to the method of cleaning the handpiece "by weight". This will require a small, sturdy plastic bag and an elastic band.

First, make sure that the bag is whole, without holes, fill it with water, look around from all edges.

Then fill it with one of the cleaning agents, such as soda, with vinegar or aqueous citric acid solution.

Fix the sachet on the canister so that it gets into the cleaning solution contained in it. Attach it to the outside of the shower with a rubber band.

After 30-60 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling, remove the polyethylene with the solution, wash the hand-washing, let water into the hose with a powerful pressure to clean everything from the inside.

A simple rule of thumb is to wipe it dry after each use to prevent limescale formation on the outside of the handbag. And to prevent limescale deposits, you can install special water filters.


To avoid the problem

To avoid the problem of limescale deposits on the showerhead in the future, we recommend installing a shower filter. This device will not only help to reduce the work of sanitary ware in the shower but will also have a positive effect on your skin and hair.

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