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Frequently Asked Questions

The shower filter is an inexpensive and effective device that helps to neutralize the excessive hardness of water in the bathroom, as well as to clean it from biological and synthetic impurities🚿.

Shower head filters are two common options💦.
The first is a shower head in the form of a shower head.
The second one is the useful nozzle in the form of a cylinder.

• between the hose and the watering canister,
• between the mixer and the hose.

Shower head filters extract from the water 💧:
• Chlorine;
• organochlorine compounds;
• heavy metals;
• rust;
• mechanical particles.

First of all, people with sensitive skin who feel unpleasant after washing, their skin turns red and itches, and their eyes also suffer.

The shower head filter is very easy to install - no special skills and tools are needed 🔧.
Installation instructions can be found here (

There are 2 types of cartridges:
• 15-stage replaceable filter cartridge, compatible with any shower filters.
• Vitamin C + E Replacement Cartridge. Vitamins C and E cartridge which enriches water with nutrients, create SPA-effect.

The shower head filter produced by AquaHomeGroup has enough momentary size and modern beautiful minimalistic design. The filter is made of high quality materials. It will look great in any interior 👌.

Check out the product catalog on our website and choose what you like. If you still have problems with your choice, contact us freely. ( )

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