Andrey Genin

An author at Aquahomegroup

I have been involved in water research since 2007, when I first became acquainted with the Environmental Working Group.

I am a microbiologist by training and I like my profession very much, but unfortunately I could not work in this position. This motivated me to write a blog about the benefits of water, water pollution, etc.

I started at the bottom and worked my way up to management on the AquaHomeGroup team.

But in 2009, when the study of water was not at such a level as it is now, I realized that we cannot stand still and wait for an expert opinion of professionals.

I started researching the types of water pollution in different states.

Then I got a job with a scientific research group and saw how the whole process goes.

I focused on water contamination with heavy metals (such as iron and chlorine).

I knew that good water was the future and I was right!

Those basics that I learned in the past have not gone anywhere: the brand is very important in the quality and usefulness of water, and it ne1eds to be skillfully shaped - from a good website and content on it, to the products that we have started to develop.

After all, you can't successfully sell nonsense, and you can't sell a good product without knowing your direction. 

My experience was bolstered by the development and engineering of water filters between 2012 and 2016.

At that time, I became seriously interested in the impact of charcoal water filters, and vitamin C and D filters (I know that activity is very strange at first glance. But since I grew up in a family of environmentalists - research is in my blood).

Then I realized that our filters work really well and cope with the purification.

I began to actively visit laboratories and research centers, at the same time launching production of the first shower filters (at first they were just 15-stage filters) 

And then my team and I created AquaHomeGroup.

Since then I have started to actively learn new methods of cleaning, carbon filters have become much clearer and I have implemented new trends at my new workplace - AquaHomeGroup, where I was able to realize myself to the fullest.

I publish my materials about the benefits of water, about our filters and about water in general, both on the AquaHomeGroup website and on third-party sites.

But it's on this site that you can find unique research on water purification.

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