Shower filter - an effective tool for purifying and softening water.

Shower filter - an effective tool for purifying and softening water

Shower filter - an effective tool for purifying and softening water.

Destination and benefit

Everyone knows that active chlorine is added to disinfect the water. This substance and its derivatives have a very negative impact on the quality of tap water: it becomes unsafe.

When we stand under the shower, our hair and scalp come into contact with the negative effects of chlorine in the water. This has a negative impact on the access to the hair follicle and, in addition, the structure of the hair follicles is destroyed. As a result, the former health of the hair is gone: the shine is lost, the tips of the hair begin to cut and as a result, the hair dies.

Nothing helps: no matter how expensive and high quality, in your opinion, shampoos, gels, masks do not buy, in the fight with chlorine can not help it. And that's not all. During the shower, chlorine penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream and lungs in the air. The skin becomes dry, sometimes it itches.

Chlorine also contributes to the appearance of wrinkles.

There is a solution to all these problems - using a shower filter.

How do shower filters clean the water?

 In most shower filters, copper-zinc granulate of high quality is used as a filter material. During the reaction with liquid, granules neutralize almost one hundred percent of free chlorine, which is in the liquid, by electrochemical reactions of dissolved gaseous chlorine and chloride ions dissolved in the liquid.

Kinds of shower filters.

Filter nozzle

This type of shower water filter is fixed with the help of a special device: an adapter - it allows to fix the nozzle in absolutely different places and even on a bidet. The water filter is equipped with a replaсement cartridge, which can be easily replaced.

The special feature of this water filter is that it is very light.

This purifier can handle without much trouble with chlorine and various impurities.

Filter stick

Installation of such an aqua filter is made instead of your shower head: it should be screwed on a hose. The filter is also equipped with a replaceable cartridge.

The filter canister is designed to purify water from chlorine, heavy metals, and mechanical suspensions.

Bathing Balls

This filtering tool should only be used in the bathroom. The water filter should be lowered into the water for a few minutes. There it disinfects it, converting chlorine into substances that are safe for us. The manufacturers promise the life of such a device up to about 400 baths.


With shower filters, you will be pleasantly surprised at how your hair and skin are changing. Dandruff will gradually begin to fade, and the structure of your hair will noticeably improve. The skin will get enough moisture, because the filter removes chlorine from the water, even if not 100%, but enough to improve the skin. The filters even contribute to the disappearance of some skin diseases.