Lively moisture: how quantity and quality of water affects the body | Water treatment in the USA

Lively moisture: how quantity and quality of water affects the body

Lively moisture: how quantity and quality of water affects the body

If the body of an adult does not receive 1.5-2 liters of clean water every day, it slowly deteriorates, doctors believe.

Specialists in preventive medicine say that the body should be kept under control. Life originates in water, develops in water (amniotic water), and leaves the body if the body is dehydrated by more than 60%.

By WHO definition, life is the constant conversion of amino acids in the living organism in water, with water, with the help of enzymes. And if you care about your own health and how much you will live on this Earth, it is important to accept this postulate "with water and in the water", otherwise to conduct any talk about health is just stupid.

What is so important about water?

Everything matters here - both quantity and quality. If you keep your body on a "hungry rations" in terms of water - you do not just risk, you systematically destroy it. Lack of water prevents normal chemical processes in the body. Dehydration and pH disorder provokes many diseases.

As well as the consumption of poor quality water. For water to reach the cell and get into it, it must be what the body needs. Otherwise, it will have to carry out "filtration" work itself and adapt the water for itself, using its vital resources.

Why is the amount of water so important?

The natural norm of pure water consumption (not tea, compote or coffee, because cells do not live in tea), namely water - 30 ml per 1 kg of physiological weight per day. Physiological weight and the weight that we "ate" are different things. By physiological means the size of growth minus 110. On average, we get about 1.5-2 liters per day. Approximately the same amount of urine should separate the body per day. If you want to be healthy, do not forget this axiom of life: 1.5-2 liters of clean water to drink and the same amount of urine in the knocks allocated. It's an algorithm for fluid and life movement.

How do you know that we don't drink enough?

There are many symptoms that signal that we are close to dehydration and all 12 systems of our body suffer from it.

  • We're just thirsty. It's a signal that the heart and brain are close to dehydration. The brain is the central nervous system, it's the speed and amount of nerve impulses from the brain to organs and cells. It's basically the speed of our lives.
  • It's breathing faster, it's breathless. The respiratory system suffers from a lack of water because we get a significant amount of oxygen from water. If it is not enough, the body tries to make up for the deficit by breathing, the number of respiratory movements increases, dyspnea begins.
  • Thirst while eating. This is a symptom that the saliva is thick and there is no primary digestion of the food lump. The digestive system suffers, too.
  • The concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is also called increased acidity. The body always produces the same amount of acid, the question is how much water it can afford to devote to its cultivation. If you dilute 2 grams of acid in a glass - there will be one concentration, and if you dilute the same amount in half a glass - you get a completely different concentration. What if in 1/3 of the glass?
  • Professionals have no concept of "increased" or "reduced" acidity. It's all about the amount of water added. If there is little water and its pH is not weakly alkaline - there is partial atrophy of the cells producing hydrochloric acid, the so-called reduced acidity is formed. This is a disturbance of the drinking water and alkaline balance. Why does it get easier after sanatoriums? Because in many health resorts the basis of treatment is water and alkalization of the body.
  • Problems with the chair. Lack of water causes constipation, microflora suffers, rottenness is formed, which is not removed for a long time. Its toxins are reabsorbed in the blood, self-intoxication begins, sometimes with a fever.
  • The bile thickens, and gallbladder stones form.
  • There's a disturbance in the excretion system. Normally, the urine is sour. If 1.5-2 liters of water is not drunk, 1.5-2 liters of moderately acidic urine is not released. The excreted urine will be concentrated and sour. It's basically vinegar, which destroys the kidney cells. They can't filter the blood well. In addition, because of the lack of urine, sand is formed in the bladder, which is not washed again because of the small amount of fluid, and forms stones in the bladder. And if infection joins, inflammatory diseases start cystitis, pyelonephritis.
  • The excess weight appears. It's a strategic reserve for the body. For a rainy day. Remember when there was an ad hanging in the driveway that for 5 hours will turn off all the water. What were we doing? Picking up water in any empty container. That's how the body stores its fat. The fat molecule is made up of a molecule of water and energy.
  • The musculoskeletal system suffers. If the right slightly alkaline water with the right pH is not enough, the joint fluid dries out and begins to wear out cartilage, resulting in arthritis and arthritis.

Why is thick blood so dangerous?

But the most dangerous thing that happens to our body due to lack of water is blood thickening. If there isn't enough water in the blood, the red blood cells that carry oxygen in our bodies stick together.

It's hard for the heart to push this blood to carry oxygen to the small capillary vessels. The brain signals - to narrow the blood vessels to increase the pressure and to push the blood to the capillaries. But here, a person takes blood pressure-relieving pills. It makes the symptom easier, but not the body. The brain asks the heart to shrink faster and to pause the day off less. So the heart rate goes up. But here, too, the person comes to his aid and takes pills that reduce his heart rate. The brain continues to "strain" the heart, the heart muscle resource is exhausted and there may be a rupture - that is, a heart attack - of varying severity.

What kind of water should it be?

So, there should be water to drink:

  • Clean water, free of chemical impurities, dirt, and foreign matter.
  • with correct, always negative ORP (redox potential - the so-called activity of electrons involved in redox reactions in liquid medium). ORP standard: - 100 - 200 mV (millivolt). A healthy cell accepts water with a value of at least - 50 mV. At this value all life processes take place in it, if the value of the indicator shifts towards positive charge, the body will use all its energy to adapt to the physiological norm, otherwise, the cell will die.
  • mildly alkaline, because our body lives in a mildly alkaline environment and the pH of our main liquid, blood, is 7.43. If the water is shifted to the acidic side, the body will give its alkaline metals to level the pH (Ca, Mg, K and others), and this - teeth, nails, hair, joints, bones.
  • without heavy metal salts. Hardly anyone has a desire to shine in the dark and slowly burn.
  • In hard water the fat is rolled up, soap is not washed - dishes can be washed only with a good portion of Fae. But the body does not have this valuable tool, it will again spend its energy and its resource to soften the water, because the body fat is deposited, including in vessels that become difficult to break down. The result is predicted: high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks.
  • with the right surface tension. Trite as it may seem, the water must be liquid, not viscous.
  • biologically safe. It should be free of viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and giardiasis. Sometimes because of indifference to themselves, a person can easily become the owner of serious diseases (hepatitis A, dysentery).
  • with good structure and information field (a frozen crystal of pure structured water under a microscope - beautiful snowflake). The water remembers both words and events. From this, its structure changes to the positive or negative side for us, as we are 75-80% of water. It's not necessary to swear!
  • of the right temperature. The optimal temperature for us is 36-37°C. This way the body won't waste energy on heating or cooling it. This is especially important for elderly people, as their heat exchange is often disrupted. That's why in southern countries they drink hot water or tea in the heat. It makes sense because hot water promotes sweating, and then toxins, poisons, and acid leave the body. Maybe that's why there's a lot of longevity in these countries.

If the water does not meet all these properties, the body will pass it through the large intestine in transit (where water is absorbed in our body). Water filters should be used for water treatment and obtaining water that complies with the above requirements.

Water treatment in the USA is a necessity,  not a whim.

 If you feed your body with the wrong water for a long time, you will be healthy as long as you are able to make structured water from the wrong water similar to intracellular water. When the body's resource is exhausted, it will start to hurt and dry out.

So how do you drink water?

The rules are simple. How to wake up - drink 1-2 glasses of warm, slightly alkaline water - wash your cells after active night processes, as you wash your face. During the day, water is taken half an hour before meals or 2 hours after meals so as not to dilute gastric juice immediately before or during meals, because it is important for digestion.

Do not forget the most important rule: water is life! It comes to us from nature. The nature that gives us beauty! Water is a living structure, it cannot disappear, it has no form, it is free!

Water purifies and cures, what a rise people feel after purification with water! Love water, it is always ready to help us if we ask it. The attitude to water is the attitude to yourself. Because we are made of 75-80% water.

Love water, pour it into beautiful decanters, not cans. Tell her words of gratitude, of joy when you drink it. And it is generous as a caring mother will warm, soothe and heal your body and soul!