What is chlorine? It is a thing is used to disinfectant water from any bacteria and diseases for all over the world. But there is a very big concern in some community that chlorine is used for cleaning drinking water.

When chlorine enters to the water there is a chemical reaction with any organic stuffs in there.  This reaction always will be because of there are a lot of organic things in natural water. The result of chemical reaction is something like chloroform. The reaction is a very complex and has a lot of risk, so that health risks of drinking chlorine water are very underestimated.

We also well know that chloroform is a very good thing for reduce cancer bacteria from water. Some researchers suggest that ozonation after treatment of chlorine with ammonia reduce levels of bad fluency in water.

The lots of plus of water treatment by chlorine are faded before the health risks. Chlorine is never associate with any treating at all. In history we can see many diseases, death and sickness which happened because of untreated water. And nowadays we do not have no feasible alternatives which can go without any health risks.