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  • ★ PREMIUM 10-STAGE WATER FILTER: By using our shower head filter, this filtration system will restores the PH BALANCE in your body and ensures that the water is totally free of chloramine fluoride and chlorine, heavy metals (lead, iron, mercury, nickel, chromium), toxins, bacteria, pesticides, smell ammonia, sulfur, rust other sediment particles and inhibits the growth of scale, fungi, algae, mold in the shower or bath tub.
  • ★ ARE YOU STRUGGLING WITH SKIN, HAIR & NAIL CONDITIONS? Restores what you’re hard, chemical filled water did to your hair, skin and nails! Lessens the risk of developing flaky eczema, asthma, bronchitis, itchy skin, dandruffs and fungus. Repairs bone-dry hair, brittle nails, prevents aging, hair loss and eliminate secondary pollution from tap water.
  • ★ POWERFUL WATER PRESSURE: Our high-performance inline water filter won’t reduce existing water pressure and allows consistent water flow to pass through all the time. HIGH OUTPUT, especially with well water and hard alkaline water. EASY TO INSTALL & DOES NOT LEAK since it includes a bonus waterproof tape!
  • ★ VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: Can be placed over overhead, handheld, rainfall, and combo showerheads for versatile home use. LONGER LASTING compared to other type of filters, it lasts from 6-8 months depending to how dirty the water is. RUST-FREE: Our chrome exterior showerhead filter will enhance the décor of your bathroom.
  • ★ BENEFITS OF PURIFIED WATER: Clarified water activates your cell, removes toxin & waste out of the body, increases the oxygen content in the blood, REMOVES UNPLEASANT ODORS & impurities, relieves fatigue quickly, slows down aging and makes your skin smooth. This shower filter water softener acts as a moisturizer, purifier, softens and provides the best feeling for sensitive skin. Ideal for bathing children and pets.

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  Filters with Granulated Activated Coconut Carbon are the best solution for removing radioactive iodine-131, chlorine, chloramine, trihalomethanes, chemicals, impurities, and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) from the water.

✔  A unique structure of Polypropylene Cotton in our filter, with a surface area 3-8 times bigger than ordinary filters, is a lot more effective at removing turbidities, sediments, rust, and bacteria.

  KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) Process Media (KDF-55) are high-purity copper-zinс granules intended to reduce heavy metals contamination, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide in water, using an oxidation-reduction reaction.

  Calcium Sulfite is 100 times more efficient than activated carbon at removing chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, iron, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum.

 Alkaline Ceramic Balls are composed of all natural minerals intended to enhance and revitalize water in your residence. Antioxidant power will boost your immune system and keep up the optimal health of your body.

 Energy ceramic balls are a set of natural tourmaline, germanium natural stones. Their effect is that of far infrared therapy, healthy skin and hair, toxin and waste drain from the body, increased oxygen content in blood, and boosted immunity.

✔ Maifan stone restores pH balance in your body. Displays the toxins out of human body.

 Germanium ball includes the functions far infrared therapy, healthy hair keeping, removal toxin and waste out of the body, increase blood oxygen content, boost the immunity, beauty the skin and hair healthy keeping

 Ceramic balls with ions struggling with appearance golden staphylococcus and colibacillus and prevent their increase.

The layers are placed between steel mesh on both sides of the filter which act not just as a protection but as a final filter to remove dust and other bigger particles from water flow.


1. Each cartridge will last for 6 months. If your water is very dirty, then the filter will need to be changed more often.

2. Please let water run through the filter for 5-10 minutes before use to remove any carbon dust build up.

3. Because of cleaner, more pure water, the filter is an ideal option for bathing children and pets.

4. The filter is great for well water since it removes excess heavy metals.

5. This filter is also a good choice for those who don’t need a whole house water filtration system but still want to have the shower water filtered.

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