15-Stage Shower Water Filter

shower water filter
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  • Shower Head Set

    shower head set
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    Video reviews from our customers

    Reviewed by JB Tejero

    this is my first time that I bought and used a shower filter my whole life and this little guy does magic it works fantastic. The water smells so clean and fresh , My skin felt noticeably softer after from the very first time I used it. It has been a few days now and it still works just the same. Every time I leave the shower I feeling great. It actually keeps my skin soft and smooth, and I finally feel good about myself again. I am grateful to have found this thing. It doesn’t affect the water pressure at all, and I got to keep the same shower head. The price is great, and I am pretty sure it will increase as the item gets more popular, so I suggest you get your slice of heaven while its affordable! I am very happy with my purchase !

    Reviewed by servins90

    Great 8 stages shower filter. The main reason I bought it is because I don’t like that chlorine smell when I take the shower. Well this filter is exactly what I was needed. It takes away all chlorine smell plus it is very beneficial for health. Great high quality product.

    Reviewed by Vonnie

    Highly recommend. For the price it can’t be beat. Fit and finish were excellent. Product looks really good. It comes with everything you need for an install. Skin feels a lot better after install. Will be using this for a long time.