Rain barrel is a reservoir for water which you can drink. This drinkable water is the result of rainy day or maybe opposite one – drought. It is very use full in developing nations or regions where clean water may not be available.

Though rain water is relatively pure still precautions need to be taken for sanitation and health safety. The drinking safety is a thing about what assembler and user need to think. Because a lot of organisms, for example mosquito larva can get inside, so it is needed to be keep out. It is very smart if barrel will be proper heat sanitation treatment in a cooking container may be necessary before consumption because some organisms can develop inside the rain-barrel.

Do not forget about other potential pollution or contamination: potential acid rain, proper disinfection, maintenance, air pollution, extended drought conditions including desertification, lack of minerals in water, rain collection surface and other variables. You need to be sure in safety of your drinking water from rain-barrel for your health safety. There is the project assembler and users of the rain-barrel are responsible for drinking water health safety and avoiding shortages.