Water is the most spreading substance on Earth. It is basic element for all flesh.

Because of chemical and physical elements, we have a lot kind of water. For example, we can divide water on many groups: considering quantity of salt, considering isotope hydrogen in one molecule of water, mixing water and other minerals, locality in hydrosphere, nature water, water which appear because of people (every day and business activities) or water which has metaphysic quality.

Today we get a view of two tapes of water.

First of all, water has four sorts of conditions:

  • Liquidity: oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, puddles, rains etc.
  • Solid state: ice, snow or crystal hoarfrost.
  • Gaseous state: aqueous vaporize.
  • Anisotropic liquid state: droplet of water on hydrophilic surface.


Second type has six sort of water which has different quantity of salt:

  1. Soft and hard water. Softness and hardness are dictated by lysed quantity of alkali earths. First of all, magnesium and calcium.
  2. Fresh water. Water consists minimum of salt.
  3. Sea water. This water is salt water of oceans and seas.
  4. Mineral water. It’s water nature one which with increased concentration bioactive minerals and microelements.
  5. Brackish water. This water consists more salt than fresh water but less than sea water.
  6. Distilled water. This water is cleared from salt and other admixtures by distilled process.