The most useful way to understand what is wrong with water is ability of companies to measure their water for making esteem of risks and impacts. They can effectively find specific problem of water. Also they will be successful persons who care about water and to be responsible ones. Water footprinting or corporate accounting is where company use quantities measure of water. This and wastewater discharge is a very good point to understand impacts and risks, results of it, changing in future. Shareholders take this report and think what they need to undertake.

Besides, water assessment doesn’t forbid civil society groups, costumers and investors to compare to several companies’ water risk and impacts. That is all helps companies to improve their technologies. With its shareholders advanced their sustainable water management.

However, we need to say that corporate assessment methods and tools are in process of developing the last ten or twelve years. In spite of, it is near to get universal agreement that would be normal to current methods. It’s very difficult process which need to be expanded and refined.

There are three main steps in corporate water assessment today:

  1. Measurement of water performance: In the first stage, companies quantitatively measure the water performance of their various facilities and products.
  2. Assessing water-related social and environmental impacts: The actual social and environmental impacts associated with corporate water use and wastewater discharge can differ drastically depending on the local water resource context.
  3. Determining business risks associated with water performance and impacts: Quantitative measures of a facility’s water performance and impacts can be coupled with assessments of local watershed conditions to determine risk.