The most noticeable problems of water are different colors, smells and unusual, not good tastes. So there can be unpleasing elements which influent on these water changings.

There is first problem with which you can face. First of all, taste and aroma work together so it’s very difficult to divide them to two different problems. The most common complaints include:

  1. Strong Chlorine taste or smell. Chlorine was found as a remedy to kill any bacteria and other bad microorganisms, especially off black death, pox, and measles and etc. In general, chlorine is for treating and disinfecting bad water.
  2. Rotten egg odor. This is a consequence of different decaying organic deposits. It happens in underground. So as water flows through these areas, in the end water come to surface and hydrogen sulfide released in the air.
  3. Musty or unnatural smells. These smells are product of organic stuffs. Maybe it also can some pesticides in the water supply. In spite on this thing can be in a very low amount but it still gives unpleasant odors into the water.
  4. Metallic taste. There some water place which can give not so pleasant taste because of a high mineral concentration. This concentration has a salty and/or soda taste.

The next thing which we will look at is color of water. In the term “clean water” the water has to be clean without any noticeable deposits or spots. The most common colors of water which you can face are:

  1. Red or Brown Color– A red or brown or rusty color in general shows that the water has iron or manganese.
  2. Yellow Color– This coloration occurs in regions where the water has passed through marshlands and then moved through peat soils.
  3. Blue or Green Color– A green or blue color is generally a result of copper in your water supply, or copper pipes and corrosive water The copper can cause staining of your fixtures and your laundry.
  4. Cloudy White or Foamy– Cloudy water is usually due to turbidity. Turbidity is caused by finely divided particles in the water. When light hits the water, it is scattered, giving a cloudy look to the water.