Recently the using of bottled water is increasing. It is according to study from the International Bottled Water Association. In this study have a lot of information about it, but the most interesting that average annual consumption of bottled water in USA has risen from 5.7 gallons per person in 1987 to 8 gallons per person in 1991. It is a very important thing for word but can we be really sure that bottled water safer than tap water?

It is no any rule that bottled water need to be pure. Contaminants are allowed at levels within the limits which is fixed by special agency. besides between bottling companies there may be changes in the concentrations of contaminants so it leads to different processing techniques and some differences in the water used.

This bottled water can be the product not only from springs, as consisted by many companies. The bottled water can come from wells, springs, and municipal water supplies. So the water is incurred ion exchange filters, carbon filters and ozonation. For understanding, ozonation is like to chlorination since it disinfects and removes organic matter, but it is more expensive and the extra cost is carried over to the consumer. The good news is that new regulations require water labeled as spring water to have come from a spring, and water from a municipal source must be labeled as such.

There are two reasons to switch over to bottled water.

  1. Your tap water is contaminated with pollutants at a level higher. If you are on a public water supply, and a MCL has been exceeded, your water supplier is required to notify you. However, if you are on a private supply and you suspect your water has been contaminated, it will be up to you to have your water tested for contamination.
  2. Your water has a strange taste or smell, that you cannot live with. This is a personal choice, and is not based on the healthfulness of the water, but just on the water’s aesthetic properties.

In this you can really see what do you want to drink but don’t forget that not all bottled water has a good way for you and your health.